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You Will Be Assimilated


That title is the famous line of the Borg in the Star Trek: Next Generation series, preceded of course by “Resistance is futile.” But maybe the Borg aren’t so fictitious after all. Or to borrow a line from the old Charlton Heston version of Ben Hur, “The world is more than we know.”

Yes, I’m up here on the wall again, shouting about the danger I see approaching. You know I’m into Bible prophecy, and that I feel strongly that we are on the brink of the Tribulation. And although people have been exposing the world government to come as it has been forming for quite a while now, the pushers of this unity by force are getting very bold and coming out of the shadows. Little of what goes on among the power elite of the world is reported, especially in the mainstream media. And everyone who reports it anyway is branded a lunatic.

There are many people continually reporting on these developments. The top three I can think of right now are Constance Cumbey, Herescope, and Rense; there are many more (see also my Ooo page here). It’s just amazing to read quotes from some of these people, especially those with the reputation of being Christian leaders. They are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing, traitors to God and country.

People, make sure you’ve got your own printed Bibles and resource material, because Big Brother is about to take center stage. Forget the institutions and old organizations; they are thoroughly corrupt. Rising prices, falling dollars, spreading Islam, open borders, etc. etc., along with the poisoned and quaking earth, the saber rattling in the middle east, and watching the masses do what they’ve been conditioned to do— bleat like sheep and go on in denial— all adds up to one colossal disaster.

Be prepared. But of course, while you still can, also try and enjoy life. And remember,

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. ~ Jesus


Greg Anderson

Hi Paula,

I just went to one of the links you posted on the subject of 09/11/01. I have always been a skeptic on a great many issues. Conspiracy theories abound and whack-jobs are a dime-o’-dozen, but the stuff at the site you linked to cannot be easily dismissed with the wave of a hand.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice it, and up until now I just passed it off as mere coincidence, But I find it out of the ordinary that more than one video cam recorded both hits of the 767’s into the trade towers, and at multiple angles.

Even now I am willing to opt for the simpler solution (Ockham) That: a)lower Manhattan is a popular tourist attraction and that it was only natural for more than one tourist to train his or her video cam on the towers from the streets, and b)video cams are as ubiquitous today as the Kodak brownie cam was over a century ago.

I am having an increasingly difficult time believing that the trade towers collapsed according to the scenario portrayed in the NOVA episode on PBS. I am confronted with much the same difficulty when I am asked to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in 1963.

Paula Fether

Hi Greg,

There are a gazillion problems with the official conspiracy theory, but most people react with hatred and rage to anyone who questions it, as if to question the government is unpatriotic. They accuse us of dishonoring the memory of the victims or denying anything happened at all, both of which are false accusations. It is precisely because we honor the victims that we demand an honest and thorough investigation.

So I commend you for daring to question. The government (and the churches, truth to tell), have tried hard to condition us all to be complacent and uncritical, and to a large extent they have succeeded. But there is always a "remnant", always a few who aren’t afraid to call the "emperor’s new clothes" exactly what they are.

FWIW, re. the video cams... those tourists sure had steady hands in spite of what they were viewing. ;-)