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Blogs vs. Books


I’ve been experimenting with making my books ordinary web pages which can be read online or downloaded in “print” format. Whatcha think?

There’s a lot of good info in blogs and other sites, but people tend to only read what’s current and forget what’s been written before, especially if it’s been on the order of months or years. But the problem with archives is that unless people keep linking to them (as is more common with blog or forum posts), you lose page rank and nobody will find them.

Books, on the other hand, tend to be links people hang on to. They also allow the author to present a better case with much more information, as opposed to the “sound bite” bickering that seems to be the norm elsewhere. Unlike blogs, the topic of a book is not hashed and rehashed endlessly as each new wave of commenters arrives. And people have to read the whole thing before commenting.

I’m thinking of taking my podcasts, which are hopefully going to be a more planned-out sequence of lessons, and eventually making a book out of them. The Nicolaitan book encompasses all I’ve written before about equality and hierarchy in the church and between the sexes, so the next book might be a summary of all I’ve written and podcasted on everything else.

Comments? Ideas? Lumps of coal? ;-)



I’m looking at the Nicolaitan page now, and am thrilled with this subject. What you’ve written is also what I’ve also read and understood and experienced. To God be the glory!

Paula Fether

Tanx Kathleen! :-)

Joe Blackmon


Ok, you know I disagree with you on some stuff (I’m a complimentarian and a Calvinist) BUT we agree on more stuff than we disagree, methinks. I appreciate you sticking up for me today over at the Blog That Shall Not Be Named. That dude, I’m conviced, is cookoo for coco puffs. Anyway, thanks.

Paula Fether

Glad to help out a brutha.

Ah, that “coo-coo for cocoa puffs” line takes me waaayyy back. :-D

But yes, we agree on what really matters: truth is truth, and it isn’t the opposite of love. I still say the C words you mentioned seem at odds with some basic principles of the faith, but the important thing is that we even know what that faith is in the first place.

I just hope that “over there” something good happens, where people don’t go to either extreme: babysitting or brawling, and the rules are the same all around.


Books are good-portable, easier to refer back to and to find things in, easier (for me) to make notes in, etc.

Paula Fether

Dats one more for books. Tanx TS! :-)

Mabel Yin

This idea is like turning lumps of coal to well faceted diamonds?

Paula Fether

If you say so, Mabel! ;-)

Joe Blackmon

Ok, threadjack here. You ought to read this last bit that I’ll ever post over at the Blog That Shall Not Be Named and Sonny’s response. You know, Sonny? He’s Cookoo for Coco Puffs.

The Blog That Shall Not Be Named


Paula Fether

Ya went and made me read TBTSNBN one more time! >:(

I like their “civil” version of “good riddance”. It proves my point better than anything I could have said, which as we both know would have been yet more wasted pixels.

But you did well and went out with honor. Now they can bask in the glory of a “civil” and ecumenical blog where The Ugly Truth Shall Not Be Named anymore.

But... people who couldn’t figure out who I was after all that, are teaching scripture!! To borrow a phrase, “Now THAT’S scary!”