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Birth of a Cult


For if evangelicals go off again in a fundamentalist separatism while clinging to an unorthodox doctrine of the Trinity, their separation from the rest of the Body of Christ could prove irreparable, like the invention of a new sect in the characteristically American mode of Mormonism or Jehovah’s Witnesses (“The New Evangelical Subordinationism: Reading Inequality Into the Trinity,” Priscilla Papers, Vol. 20, No. 4, Autumn 2006, pp. 41, 45)

This quote comes from part 2 of an excellent series entitled The Trinity and Evangelical Neo-Arianism beginning at Emmaus House, a new blog. While I don’t assign Biblical authority to creeds and confessions, their value lies in refuting this new cult’s claim of having history on their side. Specifically, this cult is the one that calls itself “Complementarianism”. It is male-supremacism, to the point as the article shows of denying the very nature of God. It worships male flesh and pride, rank and order and authority, to a practically fascist level.

Of course they don’t like hearing these words and will take great offense. But it’s the truth, and truth must not “dialog” with error.



Hard words, Friend. But, I am here to tell you I completely agree with them. I have never seen anything like it before. It has become so obvious that this is a cult of pride and arrogance. I see no love, grace or humility coming from it.

I was willing to just disagree on the gender issue and not get hung up on it but now I see where it is leading and it is leading to ONE place: Decreasing the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Lessening our Precious Savior!!

That, I will not be silent about. If we love our brothers and sisters, we will warn them. This is ANOTHER JESUS they are teaching.


I am finding more and more that the internet is a place of discouragement because of these issues. I never knew the bias that was out there because I’ve never attended many churches outside the charismatic movement (outta there too). I am so thankful for my husband and for those who I have gathered with in small groups where we were all equals, submitting one to another. Mostly I thank God for Jesus who liberated me from the yoke of slavery to man and the things of this world. I thank God that He isn’t like man! It was for freedom that we were set free. I hold no place for religious arrogance at this junction in my life. If it doesn’t edify then keep it out of my face.

Paula Fether

Hey girls,

Good thoughts about bad teachings.

We’ve been a tolerant lot, hoping the fringe would stay there, hoping the very un-Christlike ignorance of the past was truly past. But it seems that not even Christians learn from history anymore. In just one generation the evangelical community has betrayed the Reformation, embraced a false gospel, and abandoned the one true God. The Dominionists are busy preparing the Antichrist’s kingdom and joining with the world to condemn those of us who still follow Jesus unashamedly, who aren’t ashamed of the Cross or the Word. And this time there’s no "new world" to run to when these fake Christians begin their persecutions.

Anybody know how to dig tunnels and live on beef jerky?


Well said, and Paula, you are such a hoot! Have shovel, will dig. After Y2K, I think I could get an A+ on a survival test, though I am not a foaming-at-the-mouth Idaho-bunker sort. I have eaten yukky things to practice, even. Seriously, though my husband is a member of a separationist fundamental church, he is not without some open mindedness and I am working on that and praying a lot. We both agree that we could easily see tough times in our not so-distant future. Not words of joy that we share with all the enthusiastic youthful brood we are/have raised, but a sobering thought that runs in the undercurrent nonetheless.

Paula Fether

Ah, good to know someone with survival skills. :-)

Actually, a more immediate threat on that level is from a possible sudden loss of electricity in large parts of the country. All anyone has to do is detonate a nuke in the atmosphere above a large city and the resulting electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will take out all electrical devices it can reach. It would take many months to repair and restore service. And without electricity our country will grind to a halt and sink into anarchy. (see This Article)

Another threat is the vast amount of foreign ownership here. They could easily have the means and clout to pull the plug. Our country is in such unbelievable debt that we have no real defense against such a thing. And with traitorous actions spewing from our national government at a rapid pace, who knows?

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