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The New World Order


An outline of En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah, Huntington House Publishers ©1991
  1. Global Economics
    1. The Federal Reserve (created in 1913)
      1. Private, not government agency
      2. Class A stockholders: Rothschild, Lazard, Moses, Warburg, Lehman, Kuhn, Chase, and Goldman Banks (various countries)
    2. Globalists began to finance (thus control) oil and manufacturing worlwide in late 1800s
    3. Cong. Larry McDonald was killed in 1983 when Korean Airlines flt. 007 was shot down; he was exposing globalist plans and wrote The Rockefeller File. Others were killed in plane crashes as well.
    4. Globalists began to control all media
    5. Globalists began to control all education
      1. A globalist named Rhodes started the Rhodes Scholarships to promote his world view
    6. Globalists began to control foreign affairs
  2. Global Politics
    1. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), begun in 1921
      1. Created by The Illuminati (the “enlightened ones”, a secret Luciferic order)
        1. Created in 1776 by a Freemason called Weishaupt (aka Spartacus)
        2. Incited the French Revolution (Napoleon was an Illuminati man)
        3. Partly responsible for inciting the US Civil War (Lincoln was probably killed for opposing Masons)
        4. Influenced the US president to enter WWI
      2. Dedicated to create one-world socialist government (and thus destroy all national sovereignty)
      3. Coined the phrase “new world order”
      4. FDR, a 33rd degree Mason, got Mason symbols put on US dollar bill (pyramid, all-seeing eye, Latin words) [The Latin words mean "announcing the conception of a new secular order"; when the new world order(NWO) is complete the capstone will join the pyramid]
    2. The United Nations (UN)
      1. Formed by CFR; land “donated” by John Rockefeller
      2. Formed for the purpose of conditioning the American people to accept globalism
      3. Produced “spin-offs”: (1) the Bilderbergers, (2) the Club of Rome(COR), (3) the Trilateral Commission(TC)
        1. Purpose: to regionalize Europe (created EU)
        2. Purpose: to regionalize and unify entire world (has divided world into 10 political/economic regions or “kingdoms”):
          1. N. America
          2. W. Europe
          3. Japan
          4. Australia and S. Africa
          5. Russia / Asia
          6. C. & S. America
          7. N. Africa / Middle East
          8. C. Africa
          9. Indonesia
          10. China
        3. Purpose: to encourage economic interdependence
          1. Charter drafted by Z. Brzezinski, a Marxist(!) who was National Security Advisor under Carter
          2. Members have included George H. W. Bush and Colin Powell (Bush was a member of the secret society Skull & Bones at Yale)
          3. Composed of leaders from “kingdoms” 1–3 above (hence the name “trilateral”)
  3. America’s Shadow Government
    1. US policies are directed through the Treasury Dept. and Federal Reserve
    2. US defense is dominated by globalists
    3. All US presidents since WWII, except JFK and Reagan, were either Masons, CFR members, or TC members, as were the candidates who ran against them
    4. Media silence: most media leaders are globalists, and globalists own significant percentages of media stock
    5. Education
      1. Globalists funded Dewey, an atheist and socialist who helped design both US and Soviet educational systems
      2. 20% of all US school superintendents and 40% of all teacher college heads have advanced degrees from Columbia, where Dewey was Dept. Head
      3. The NEA is funded largely by Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations
      4. Rockefellers used their money to re-write textbooks
    6. Globalists use US power to gain worldwide control
  4. The New Age Movement (NAM)
    1. Is pantheism, mysticism, reincarnation
    2. Is heavily occult (witchcraft, sorcery, altered states of consciousness, drug use)
    3. Is rooted in ancient Babylonian religion
    4. Is “fronted” by radical environmentalism, meditation techniques, holistic health, peace, etc.
    5. The Theosophical Society is at the forefront of NAM, producing many books
      1. teaches that Lucifer created the earth, is equal to God, and will assume his “rightful” place as god of earth
      2. established The Lucifer Press (later renamed Lucis Press, parented by Lucis Trust), the Arcane Schools, the Triangles, World Goodwill, and World Union
    6. The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)
      1. was founded in 1959 by Philip Isely
      2. has already prepared a World Constitution and held conferences featuring yogis, swamis, and Jesse Jackson (member of CFR)
    7. The World Council of Churches and the World Future Society also support WCPA
  5. Freemasonry (FM), The Hidden Catalyst
    1. A New Age link: Masonic symbols, phrases, and teachings (such as astrology) appear in NA publications
    2. Organizational structure
      1. Blue Lodge: 3 degrees
      2. Either (1) Scottish Rite or (2) York Rite
        1. has 29 additional degrees (4–33); 33rd can’t be earned but only appointed
        2. has 10 additional degrees (4–14); last 3 are called Knight of (1) Red Cross, (2) Malta, (3) Templar
      3. The Shrine (or Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine)
      4. Affiliates: The Grotto, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, and Orders of the: Eastern Star, Amaranth, True Kindred, DeMolay, Builders, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow
    3. Origins
      1. ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, etc.
      2. Kabalism: occult counter-explanations dealing w/Israel
      3. Gnosticism: Kabalism for Christianity
      4. Knights Templars (met on site of Solomon’s Temple): Satan worship and Gnosticism
      5. Rosicrucians (Rose-Croix): the Templars renamed
      6. Freemasonry (FM) / Illuminati: Rosicrucians gone public
    4. Offshoots
      1. The Illuminati: purpose is to abolish Christianity and overturn all civil government
      2. Jehovah’s Witnesses was founded by a Mason
      3. Mormonism was founded by Masons
    5. Practices
      1. the average members know nothing of the ultimate Satanic nature of the organization
      2. good works are used to hide its true nature
      3. they operate behind the scenes, directing world affairs through various organizations
        1. played a major role in forming the USSR
        2. planned to eventually merge the USSR and USA
    6. Secret Teachings
      1. FM is a religion
      2. FM is anti-Christ
        1. Biblical quotations always omit any reference to Jesus Christ
        2. Masons perform a ritual (such as a Black Mass) for every Christian holiday in mockery of Christ
        3. the God of the Bible is the equal but evil opposite of Lucifer
      3. FM is pantheistic and universalist, teaching that all paths lead to God
      4. FM deifies Man
      5. FM only reveals itself to elite members, because the masses can’t handle the truth and so deserve to be deceived
      6. FM demands blind obedience
        1. each degree sworn to carries increasingly severe penalties for divulgence of secrets, involving torture and murder
        2. FM has a history of murdering ex-members who spoke out against it
      7. FM has a secret name for its god: Jahbulon, or J.B.O. (JAH = Jehovah, BUL = Baal, ON = Osiris, the Egyptian sun god). It cannot be pronounced by one Mason, but must be pronounced by three, with each saying only one syllable. Some Masonic symbols and rituals formed the basis of the teachings of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan in California
  6. The Coming World Crisis

Note: Since the last section is a proposed future scenario based largely on Kah’s lack of belief in a pre-trib rapture, the following statement is my own opinion.

Given the all-pervasive control of Freemasonry over the world’s nations and religions, it could well be the answer to the Israeli “temple problem” regarding the location of the Dome of the Rock. And is it any coincidence that the Club of Rome is part of a one-world religion that assimilates all others? I’m convinced by Bible prophecy that the Roman Catholic Church will be the figurehead of the world religion.

Although the Rapture can happen at any time, the trend seems to be that we will be brought very close to the world envisioned by the globalists before the Rapture. We will probably see a lot more conformity to the New World Order, including continued loss of freedoms for Americans.

The attitude of the globalist elite toward the rest of mankind is very much like that of the character Hopper in the movie A Bug’s Life:

“You ants are forgetting your place. Ideas are very dangerous things. You are mindless, soil-shoving losers, put on this earth to serve us.”


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Excellent work. Thank you!!!

One comment though from someone who has studied the Occult and it’s Satanic Alien god agenda ie; the coming great deception Jesus spoke of.
The Rapture Theory/Evolution/Founding of America/Est. Israel… are all part of setting the stage for Apollyon’s return as a Counterfit Jesus/Mohamed/Buhda who will bring a new Religion of worshipping a Martian god. Literally an Alien god and they will bring the Technology to back up their claims. I call the last 250 yr plan ’The Quickening’ and was not only set up to prepare the Earth but also to deceive Christians.

The average Christian will be blown away and Jesus said there will be a great falling away from the Faith. This will happen. Rapture theory (which i formerly believed) has & will serve Satans purpose. Jesus warns us and tells us to prepare for Great Tribulation in those days. He said ”you“ not ”them“ or ”those left behinf“ but ”you!“. 
We will all be changed at the ’Last Trumpet’ of Revelations. Jesus said in Rev 20:5 ’This is the FIRST ressurrection”.

If the Elect are taken, only the wicked would remain. Satan is very cunning. All that is hidden will serve his coming surprise upon Earth. So, in many places including the Parable of the Wheat & the Tares God in His Love, warns us. 
In Proverbs, the Lord warns us even ahead of His Birth!!! Glory to the Father!
Psalms  10:30 The Righteous shall NEVER BE REMOVED from the Earth; BUT (he Truth is) the wicked shall not inhabit the Earth.
So, in love, I say, pray on this and search Gods word. Regardless of where you are in your knowledge of scripture, put on the armour of God— which is the Word of God and know that there is POWER in the name of Jesus Christ and that you WILL use that power very soon!

Search the scriptues and see if these things are not so.
Proverbs 25:2 “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter!”


Hi Mappy, thank you, and welcome to my blog. This was done ten years ago, and though it certainly isn’t extensive but only a brief outline, the statement I added at the end about loss of freedoms does seem to be playing out. I’ve also read/watched Apollyon Rising and found it quite informative.

But I strongly disagree that the Rapture theory is part of any kind of deception, and is in fact quite scriptural. In fact, I see much more potential for deception by rejecting the Rapture view than by accepting it. And I do believe that the founding of modern Israel was what Jesus gave as a sign of his soon return, regardless of man’s motivation for it. As with the example of Joseph in the Old Testament, God often uses the evil plans of people to unwittingly fulfill prophecy, and I am convinced that this is the case with Israel. I also believe that the “cover story” for the Rapture will be some sort of alien invasion fakery.

As for falling away, no one disputes that this is the current state of the church in the world today. But the specific and unique “apostasy” Paul talked about is literally “The Departure” and is in the context of end times rather than falling from the faith. There was much of that already going on in Paul’s day anyway, the context determines what is being departed from. So I take The Departure as Paul’s term for our modern word Rapture, which of course is the Latin for “caught up”. But I don’t see how this “serves Satan’s purpose” at all; rather, what I see is that the Bride of Christ is being taught to loathe the very idea of her Groom suddenly coming for her! And if you know anything about Jewish wedding customs of Jesus’ day, the couple would have a SEVEN-day feast. Instead, anti-rapture theories would have Jesus sending his Bride an impostor who will ravage her and put her to death!

This topic of course is debated endlessly, and right now I’m discussing it elsewhere and would like to concentrate on that for now. But I have indeed searched the scriptures thoroughly, and nothing fills me with more hope or motivates me more strongly to spread the gospel than the imminent return of my Savior. May he come today!