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Down to the Wire


I’ve been watching the site Prophecy Update lately (for obvious reasons), and one of today’s articles in reference to the terrible quake and tsunami in Japan just begged to be shared far and wide. Here are some quotes:

This is the sequence of events seen every time, and as precisely predicted by Jesus. The signs are all around us - and increasing. The earth is groaning and the birth pains are increasing rapidly. We need to be ready for what is to come - and that includes the coming of Christ Jesus for His bride. Its time to get on our knees and pray; not only for the people of Japan, but for the world.

We’re on the brink of seeing the last stages of God’s overall plan occurring and this is the single most important factor in everything that we are seeing today. Not only is Jesus coming for the Church, but God will reveal Himself to the people of the earth - many times. His presence will be made unequivocal - we see this throughout Ezekiel 38-39 (which may happen before the Tribulation), and we see this throughout the Tribulation period as described in Revelation 6-18. We are rapidly approaching a time in human history in which people cannot deny that God is alive and very present. That is a significant development that we are approaching. And during this period - when God reveals Himself - people will accept or deny Him - but there will be no nonsense of the idea that “God doesn’t exist”. That option will no longer exist. And with that knowledge - many many people will still refuse God and actively turn against Him


I hope and pray that the world’s atheists will not be among those who choose to defy God. They say they have grievances against Him, and many will hate Him for bringing what they finally must admit is divine judgment on the earth. But we have had more than ample warning. Yet the so-called church has been worse than asleep at the wheel; they’ve been actively denying that God is not just love but also just, that His judgment will not be delayed any longer, and that the day of His wrath is nearly upon us. They have taught that there is no Rapture, that the Bible is all allegory, that everything ended at the Cross. They are the scoffers Peter warned about, mocking the idea that things will not always go on as they have in the past. They are on the forefront of ushering in the very kingdom of the Antichrist that they deny the Bible prophesied about.

I have studied Bible prophecy since at least the 1970s, and also kept a skeptical but open eye on non-Biblical prophecies. This point in history is seeing not one or two but every single major “end times” prophecy converging at once, something I cannot ignore or brush aside as coincidence. Knowing some of the details of how this is coming about— magnetic pole shifts in the earth and sun, deliberate manipulation of world financial markets, wars and insurrections— does not mean God has nothing to do with it. Jesus predicted, as the cited article shows, that such upheaval would be like birth pangs: relatively mild and infrequent at first, but then increasing in intensity and frequency, until they come one after the other. We are surely at the point of “birth” now, as anyone not getting all their “news” from the alphabet media can scarcely deny.

Get right with God, people! “The end is near” is no longer a joke.


Kathleen Felmey

Another thing about these events is that we live in a time when we can even know instantly about such events. That must mean something, too, because humans haven’t had the ability to know events happening across the world instantly before. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it factors into prophecy, but it’s there. Something to do with when the antichrist commands attention of the whole world, maybe.


Kathleen, I think you’re referring to the fact that "the whole world" will be able to view the dead bodies of the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem. Which, curiously, means there must still be working satellites and internet to at least the midpoint of the Tribulation. Another interesting detail there is that people will be sending each other gifts when the witnesses are dead, an unlikely scenario if it happened very late in the Trib.

Greg Anderson

I think that "the end" has always been near. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ignoring nor am I scoffing (2 Peter Chap. 3), but I think that the sets of conditions for the Parousia (2nd coming) have existed throughout the cycles of human history. I don’t think that anybody will deny that human history is cyclic (sinusoidal) and that it repeats itself along intervals. What I do believe however is that every interval is unique only in the sense of time as a quantity that moves in the forward direction only (so far as we know). Nowhere in St. Peter’s 2nd epistle does it ever say when, only that it will happen, he even introduces the concept of differing units in the form of 24 hour days vs. 1,000 year spans. The question of when still remains though: ..."Will the Lord close up shop soon?"... Mayhap he will, and mayhap he won’t.


The Rapture itself, being signless, has always been near. But Jesus told the Jews to understand the signs of the times, to watch and be ready. The one sign that makes the others take on more significance, the one that has never been since Jesus’ day and thus not part of any cycle, is the existence of the nation of Israel in her homeland. This, I believe, is the "budding of the olive tree" so to speak, the wake-up call. That we are seeing these "birth pangs" in rapidly increasing frequency and intensity, knowing that they are signs for the final 7 years of judgment for Israel and the world, is surely strong support for the literal nearness of the Rapture, a.k.a. "that blessed hope" and crown (2 Tim. 4:8, Titus 2:13). Dunno about anyone else, but I’m lookin’ up and "longing for His appearing"!


I think God is telling us the end is near. Hard to ignore all the catastrophe that are happening more and more frequently. We all need God’s mercy.


I think God is telling us the end is near. Hard to ignore all the catastrophe that are happening more and more frequently. We all need God’s mercy.