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Dirty Laundry


A few months ago I was looking at Bible software and got on the email list of one of the more popular (and pricey) brands. The emails usually announce various add-ons and modules, but the latest one really irritated me.

It featured “the Mark Driscoll Sermon Archive”… without any “rating”, warning, or fine print.

This is the man whose rise to fame was not on the orthodoxy of his teachings but on his filthy mouth and filthier mind. His sex-saturated, expletive-laced talks are what bring in the crowds and keep them coming back, even attracting the attention of the media. Oh sure, he does teach some things accurately and Biblically (but also staunchly Calvinistically). But as I’ve written before, that isn’t enough. The Christian teacher must be above reproach in everything, an example and model of both truth and purity, exhibiting the highest standards of speech and conduct.

Why is this man, and so many others for various reasons, being put on an ever-rising pedestal? The “alpha male” needs more accolades and prestige like dandelions need to be fed and watered. By accepting and promoting Driscoll, this Bible software company is showing either the poorest discernment or the most brazen rejection of all that scripture teaches. It makes me wonder what else is lurking in their modules. Are we really this hard up for teachers now? Are we willing also to accept teachings from others who have been caught doing the vile things they keep preaching against? That is, this isn’t just about Driscoll but also about the many credentialed and elite who live on a very lopsided double standard. Are these companies going to whitewash them all, just to make a buck?

That’s what I mean by dirty laundry. The Bible never whitewashes it; not even King David could escape having his great sins listed along side his great achievements. But unlike Driscoll and the rest, David repented in bitter tears when he was confronted. He did not wallow in his sin but renounced it. Yet the majority of respected Christian teachers today won’t even confront Driscoll over his ribald “teachings”; it seems that he, and they, think this is good, solid, Christ-honoring material. They see nothing to whitewash!

Needless to say, I won’t be shelling out the cash for this particular software. But I’d love to know what, if anything, will be censored out of those “sermons”. Will they present him in all his burlesque glory, mocking those who do believe that Christians, even Christian men, are to be gentle, kind, and pure? Or will they whitewash him and carefully edit out the “unpresentable parts”? Either choice is a slap in the face of the Holy Spirit. I guess we can add Bible software companies to the lament over Christian book sellers.


Greg Anderson

Can I do just a short rant on new software and software "updates"?

In my business, I was forced to "update" one of the programs I use.

What used to be on ONE pop-up of check boxes and button tabs, you now have to go digging through a tree 8 or 9 levels deep to find!

They actually have the temerity to call this "the new and smarter paradigm".

I hate to rain on their parade, but this is anything but "smart".

In much of what passes for software engineering these days, they have abandoned the old school KISS (keep it simple stupid) rule.

End of rant.

Anyway, I hear ya with the diatribe on Driscoll. When the guy preaches in his mega-church, he reminds me of the Fuhrer at Nuremburg in 1938.

You might be interested in Chris Hedges’ new book --- "Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle" ---

Paula Fether

Hmm... ifn it be php I could helpya out... ;-) But yeah, people think they have to complicate things in order to earn their pay (or keep up the appearance of sophistication).

Good analogy to Hitler too. I’ve heard the Hitler Youth are actually on the rise in this country, a mere generation after WWII. People have lost their senses and know nothing of principle. Which at least in part explains how the Driscoll or Bentley types can be held up as role models.

I’ll see if I can locate that book, thanks. :-)


You might be interested in Chris Hedges’ new book — “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” —

Greg, this is what happened to Rome. There was no substance to anything. Everything was shallow. They were so enamoured with themselves, the never dreamed the enemy would be able to invade. After all, they paid a lot of foreigners to protect them.

Greg Anderson

Indeed it is Lin. The parallels between the U.S. and ancient Rome are striking.

The cost of Rome’s maintaining garrisons across their empire helped to break them as surely as it will help to break us.

After nine years and one TRILLION dollars, we are no safer then we were immediately following 9/11.

Paula Fether

Now the aforementioned Bible software company is pushing Piper... a tasteless but witty alliteration comes to mind. ;-)