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Back in the 60s there was a movie called “The President’s Analyst”. At one point the analyst (psychiatrist) is captured by a Russian spy, who says something that turned out to be disturbingly prophetic: “Every day Russia becomes more capitalistic, and America becomes more socialistic. Eventually we will meet in the middle and join hands.”

People are easy prey for gradual attacks; we’ve seen it in the US for a long time in the political realm. But I am seeing the same sort of assault on women in Christianity, and it has now reached a very ominous stage. I have assembled here a brief comparison between the teachings of many respected Christian leaders and the official teachings of Islam. I will take Islamic quotes from The Religion of Peace; other quotes are cited with their individual sources.

Now for some “Christian” quotes: (Note: I may blog about that last one next; that “statement” is filled with false accusations and distortions of its own.)

I would invite any of my readers to add to the comparison, as I have only shown the tip of the iceberg. We could also add a ton of anecdotal evidence, such as the prairie dress / burkha parallel.

Any religious system which treats any human as less than human (treats, regardless of the rhetoric offered in an effort to make subservience into equality), which gives entitlement to one over another, which tries to homogenize all men into this and all women into that (same for any other kind of prejudice), which bases spiritual things on the flesh, is an ungodly and un-Christian one, and thus a fake. The same goes for any system of salvation by good deeds, by hidden knowledge, or by mystical practices. Elitism is elitism, and it’s not a Christian virtue.

The picture is from The Religion of Peace as of May 1, 2009. It was taken in Albania.



Thanks Paula for reminding me of the Danvers Statement (!) as I engage with Wallace Benn and CBMW in a conversation I am having over at my end - http://hrht-revisingreform.blogspot.com/2009/04/wales-to-give-only-limited-protection.html

God bless Rachel

Paula Fether

You’re quite welcome, Rachel. :-) I just posted my analysis, and now I will go check out your site.

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