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On the Downloads page I added a handy quick reference for egalitarians to use in informal debate or as introductions to the topic that can easily be printed and handed out. Please let me know if you get a chance to use it, and what the results were. I hope this will be yet another tool we can use to get the word out.



"Why are women allowed to teach children, who are the most easily deceived?" Okay, this was probably meant to be a rhetorical question but...

I think that one reason that men "allow" women to teach children is because it’s a position that many of them are unwilling to serve in. Therefore, they allow women to do it. I’ve heard that children are the most open age group to receiving the gospel message. Hmm.

Paula, thank you for putting together this reference sheet and for sharing it with others. I think it is very helpful.

Paula Fether

Hi Sonnet, welcome!

Good point, and very true. Male supremacists will object that their rule is something they "humbly" accept as a burden from God, and that they can delegate as they choose. But the truth is as you said: they simply choose, or usurp, authority which does not belong to them, because they regard the realm of children as beneath them-- in spite of how Jesus treated children.

And you’re very welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful, and hope others will too.



The download is very helpful! I appreciate all the time that went into making it-all the years and hours you spent researching and learning so you could ’whip’ this up!

Sonnet, it is interesting, isn’t it, that men allow the young to be so unguarded against deceptive women? Meanwhile, let’s not say anything because we might have a significant influence on a new generation without being caught! :) The longer it takes for them to figure this one out, the better for us!

Paula Fether

Tanx TS!

Now if we could just get all those women teachers to teach equality, we’d have a lock on the youth.


Thanks for this, Paula. I’ve been reading your explanation of Ephesians 5 is one of the most helpful I’ve read in recent memory. Cheers!

You’re right...if we infect the children early with the seed of equality, maybe the next generation won’t have to go through the hoops we did!

Paula Fether

Tanx Alison! :-)

Greg Anderson

Just 2 months ago there was a symposium on Biblical manhood and womanhood at a semi-mega church about 1/4 mile from my house.

They featured one of the big guns from CBMW who was slated to speak there.

I sure wish I would have had some of the material you’ve written in leaflet form so that I could have done the parking lot leaflet-slipped-under-the-windshield-wiper-thing.

Paula Fether

Ooo, great idea Greg!

Anybody here got an airplane? ;-)

Paula Fether

Hey all,

I just modified the PDF for easy printing as a 5.5x8.5 booklet. Just print double-sided, short edge binding, then fold the stack in half.


Nice leaflet!

You might also consider that the concept that only those persons in the Bible who authored books were of importance is erroneous on a few points. Jesus never wrote anything. The first person of importance besides God is Abraham, upon whose faith the nation of Israel was built. He also never authored a book. Thus, the fact that to our knowledge at this time, no woman authored a book of the Bible, does not negate women’s contributions as leaders.

Paula Fether

Tanx TL!

And good point. Also, who wrote Ruth? Esther? Even if they were penned by men, who knew all those details?


Very good points both of you per authorship! I know that some in comp land will argue that God wrote the whole thing and ignore the human aspect until it works for them to point out that books were written by men. In this case, they will then default to the fact that more books were authored by men and that will then still make men the boss. I don’t agree with any of that; I just have firsthand access to comp thinking.

Paula Fether

May God relieve your first-hand experience and replace it with historical experience. :-)