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The Hamster Roars


Back in November I wrote The Hamster Wheel, wherein I ranted about the poor treatment some Christians give others for disagreeing with them, and this being one of the reasons I no longer join their message boards. In the comments at that article, a particularly obnoxious member using the pseudonym “nobdysfool” was mentioned.

Today I received a direct email from this person, who had to have gotten it illegally as it is my business address and never used on any message board. He then threatened to take down my blog with these words:

This is a formal request for you to remove defamatory information from your website, regarding a poster on Christian Forums by the name of “nobdysfool”, as posted to your website by an individual identifying himself as “Bob”. It is defamatory, unChristian, and inaccurate info, and this “Bob” character has been spamming Christian Forums under other names, as a troll. If you do not remove this information, your ISP will be notified, as will the Domain Name registry, to initiate actions to shut down your website. I am giving you fair warning, so that you may do the right thing. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Apparently ’fool does not understand that by using a pseudonym he cannot accuse anyone of defamation. In fact, having illegally obtained my business email and using it to attack me by name in my blog, it is ’fool who has broken the law as well as exemplifying the meaning of “unChristian” behavior. He has also attacked “Bob”, whose real name I do not know. Yet an inspection of the full headers of ’fool’s email reveals some interesting facts:
X-Ham-Report: Spam detection software, running on the system [my server], has identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn’t spam) or label similar future email...

RBL: Sender listed at http://www.dnswl.org/, no trust...

Sender email is commonly abused enduser mail provider...

The email was worded to give the impression that the sender was some authoritative body representing ’fool, but the email return address was his own. That is, ’fool himself sent the email but referred to himself in the third person in an attempt to intimidate and deceive.

Now if ’fool decides to follow through with this unChristian and petty threat, he should be advised that I will not be bullied and will defend my legal rights. Regardless, he has only proven my point and validated my opinion.


Paula Fether

I know all too well the lure and pull of those places, so don’t feel bad. It’s like a train wreck that you can’t stop staring at in spite of the horror. But at the same time, we tend to hope against hope that we can make a difference, that there are still a few more miles to be coaxed from the old car. We want to keep trying because the stakes are so high. Yet even God loses patience, and Jesus didn’t try to fix the whole world at once when he was here in the flesh. Who knows but that God sends another after us, whose ministry cannot begin until we move on to our next assignment.

This is often where faith comes in, because it can be frightening to set off like Abram not knowing the next destination. But for me personally, I’ve come to recognize that they’re really all the same place in many respects. So I stay here now, commenting here and there in blogs and Facebook in the hope that I can plant seeds without staying long enough for the flamethrowers to take aim.

That said, I fully understand and defend your need to vent and share. That’s what I often do here, and probably why this place remains a tiny, tiny corner of a very large world. But it helps. :-) And I’ll try and find out why your comments keep going to the spam filter.

Paula Fether

(I copied the harasser’s response here from the About page)

Why would you allow “Bob” to post such obvious harassment about me on your website? He is one of a group of people who attempt to hack into accounts on Christian Forums, and create user after user for the express purpose of harassing me, defaming me on the site, and stirring up strife and trouble. They accuse me of all sorts of stuff, and what he has posted here is taken out of context, distorted, and in some cases non-existent. They provide “quotes” that do not exist. When they started harassing me, I began leaving little messages for them, knowing that they would find them.

Bottom line, “Bob” is guilty of far more disruption, strife, and sinful behavior toward Christians than I ever have been, on my worst day. The tactics “Bob” and his buddies use cannot be seen as “Christian” by any stretch of the imagination. Did Jesus ever harass people? Did He ever attempt to defame people or make false accusations about them? Did Jesus ever attempt to make anyone’s life miserable with constant harassment, accusation, slander and libel, and expressed hatred toward them? “Bob” has done all of these things, and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempted to steal my identity info, and ruin my credit, that’s how bad this is. I do have protection against that, an expense I have had to incur precisely because of their threats. So before you start giving him a platform and credibility, you might want to do some research, and find out just who you’re dealing with.

Nobdysfool, from Christian Forums

Paula Fether


1- If you still intend to harass me and try to shut down my blog, you can drop the righteous indignation immediately. It’s like sending a SWAT team to a lemonade stand because the kid’s brother stepped on your roses. A Christian of any maturity would not do what you did in threatening me by email after stalking me via Whois to get my domain info and business email. You must repent and back off if you expect any kind of conversation about this.

2- Your beef with "Bob" is your problem, not mine. I am not responsible for comments made by others and will spell this out in my Disclaimer for the future. It’s call free speech, and as I explained, you are using a pseudonym and cannot complain about defamation. This is a childish attempt to get "mommy" to settle your spat with another boy at the playground. Your issues with people at someone else’s website should stay there. Otherwise you are engaging in gossip.

3- If I used your own standards on you, you’d be in much deeper molasses than "Bob". You didn’t first come to me with a loving and genuine concern but with daggers and guns. I’ve frankly had quite enough of you and your thin-skinned, hateful, and obsessive behavior, exhibited not only here but in that board. I walked away from you and your kind, so if you have any Christian values at all you will leave me in peace. Turn "Bob" (and yourself) over to the judgment of God and then move on, or this bitterness will consume you.

4- This comment will also appear in the current post. I won’t let you hide.

Paula Fether

The harasser again posted in About, which I now have had to close to comments. You can read it there.

Words cannot describe this person’s ability to commit all the faults he freely and continually accuses others of having. It’s really sad.

Ex CF Member


I hope I have not caused a load of trouble. I was Pinkman on CF until getting ’taken down’ as they call it there.

’fool ( should be rotweiller IMO) last year alleged he was being stalked. My job is in investigating. Using nothing but google it soon became abundantly clear that ’fool’s personal information is splattered all over the net ( in fact it still is ). At the time I PM’d this to ’fool only to be told I was a liar and ’perp’. So much for helping out !

If any one is interested they have only to log into CF and ALL the gory posts are there. Going back several years. I am baffled why ’fool says otherwise.

HOWEVER - As mentioned elsewhere on this blog. These places are "toxic". Make no mistake about that. Especially CF and soteriology. The semper refomada-boycott soteriology board beggars belief in my view.

I post this just for information that is verifiable by any one who feels the need.

Also to apologies for any trouble and distress caused.

Blessing to all Christians. If you are not a Christian then hurry up - don’t get left out. Blessings to you to.

Bob ( Taken from Black Adder)

From The Hamster Wheel "...... (And I forgot till now to mention the practice of both boards and blogs of erasing or altering comments, removing evidence that could be used against them.) I have lost all hope of finding fellowship in this life and seem to have completely failed in my quest to be of some use to the Body of Christ. And while I’m sure there are quite a few people who cheer at the thought of being rid of me, we’ll see who’s cheering at the Judgment. My conscience is clear; nobody can say I never tried. But I cannot try anymore."

Do NOT lose hope. Your Blog is of tremendous use to the Body of Christ. In speaks of the real purpose of the Bible. Love, respect, fellowship, plain simple truth and lots more.

Many people have been savaged on CF. The soteriology board is dominated by a gang of 4. One has OCD. There is no point in being there. Genuine Christians feel they have to defend the Bible from being trampled over. It generates a lot of traffic which earns advertising revenue.

I drive by here to follow some authentic Christian input. Not e,g ’all does not mean all, all the time" twisting of scripture that is rampant on CF.

Be encouraged Paula. You have NOT failed in your quest. You are doing a good and valuable job.



Bob ( Taken from Black Adder)

Forgot to mention how valuable ’plain and simple’ truth is. It is the MOST valuable kind. When the Bible translators labored so hard. Their intention was for the Bible to be available for all to read and comprehend. Not containing secret meaning for some elite bunch.

That is why web sites like this one are badly needed.



Paula Fether

Thank you, Bob. :-) May God bless you for lifting me up today.

Paula Fether

Hey Ex CF Member,

Sorry, I just found your post, which was in the moderation queue for some reason. But no harm, nothing for you to apologize for. I personally neither know nor care who ’fool really is, since God will deal with us all in good time. And I couldn’t have asked for a better object lesson on what’s gone wrong in the church at large. :-D

Ex Cf Member

Forgive me for I have sinned again.

I admit I do not like ’fools attitude one bit. Diabolical behavior for a Christian. His new signature proudly announces, Quote "I am the watchman on the wall....".

My crime is to go back on CF under another name to take issue with ’fool. Note - this is one of the problems with forums. Its hard to walk away. My signature is "Humpty Dumpty sat watching on the wall. Then he fell off."

I admit it was my intention to pick a fight. I did that by taking issue with ’fools post on young babies, telling him his calvie notions were pure drivel (http://www.christianforums.com/t7620987-23/).

Another thread regarding the unpardonable sin {http://www.christianforums.com/t7624800/}, I posted some scripture. ’fool posted next and to my utter surprise he agreed with me. He has not spotted my signature yet which made me fall on the floor with mirth.

Ok, I am bad.

Anyone reading this, please read Paula’s experience which is so typical of CF. It is a horrible place. In one of the posts here, some oneused the word ’toxic’ which I previously borrowed. Absolutely correct. Toxic, corrosive, sowing seeds of doubt and confusion.

Just posted this as I had the need to share it with someone. My dog was no over interested.

God bless you all.

not a target

So, I am a little confused as to why people keep going back to pick on this ’fool guy. One guy posts personal info about him, which is suspect, to say the least, as far as proper Christian conduct, and another guy admits to going back to pick a fight. Why not just leave it alone? And, then he’s accused of obtaining Ms. Fether’s email by "illegal means" when it is available on a whois search. That’s not illegal, is it?

Maybe it is like you say, a train wreck that you just can’t tear your eyes away from. I don’t know. Seems to me that it’s probably a waste of time. Just MHO....

Not a target.

Paula Fether

I had to let this one through the spam filter because....

It’s ’fool under yet another false pretense! Identical IPN, down to the last digit. And he has the gall to ask, "Why not just leave it alone"!

Wow. o.O

"Jimi", get a life. And try a third email address when you do.

Paula Fether

Some comments elsewhere from our resident judge of Christian conduct: link (and note the dates). I especially want to highlight his remark about Bible thumpers.

Paula Fether

I’ve been monitoring my spam filter because some legitimate comments have gone there recently, and of course the ones from my recent antagonist appear there as well. I will respond to him here, for the last time, in a final effort to get some important points across to him.

1. Apology accepted for your initial hostile attack to "get my attention". I hope someday you will finally accept that what you did was deceptive, i.e. lying, while you continue to accuse me of the same. Do you understand the difference between deliberate plans to decieve (what you did) and a guess at how you obtained my business email address? Who did I try to deceive? No one. I did NOT lie, and even in your apology you continue to bring this false charge against me. At the very least, you are guilty of stalking (going out of your way to track down my email address), which is precisely the charge you have brought against "Bob" this entire time. Hypocrisy is NOT a Christian virtue.

2. Your beef with "Bob", as I said from the start, is with him and concerns the CF board... NOT ME OR MY BLOG. Do you understand this yet? You and he have to handle this like adults on your own; I will NOT be made a party to someone else’s fight. You have played the victim for YEARS at CF and bragged about your prowess in blasting your alleged attackers. Now you’re trying to bring this obsession here, but I will not allow it as CF does, where you have moderators who will delete incriminating posts of yours at your request. It stays there, understand?

3. As for your assessment of who is running/ruining CF’s Soteriology board, I’ve read the posts going back several years, and it’s all Calvinists whining about being attacked while the bulk of the comments are vicious assaults on anyone who dares to question Calvinism. Remember that one "Turkey Servetus" comment one of your pals made, which was quickly deleted? The horse was already out of the barn, revealing the typical Calvinist attitude and aggression. YOU and your Calvinist friends are the aggressors and attackers, and no amount of denial will change that fact.

4. You say you’re not the "nobdysfool" at CBS, but that one too is a Calvinist, and spelled EXACTLY the way you do here. What are the odds, eh? And you also accuse someone of impersonating you there to make it look like you, without a shred of evidence-- how is that worse than what you did TWICE here to me, first passing yourself off as some kind of legal authority representing you, and then as someone who just happened by to defend you? YOU are the one doing impersonations here, and again, if someone is doing this to you elsewhere, how does that concern me? And why is it okay for YOU to impersonate others? Your double standard is hypocrisy, pure and simple.

5. You decry my call for constructive dialog while banning your hypocritical, whiny, accusatory comments from my blog. That should speak for itself, but sadly I know it doesn’t for you. What you would bring here is NOT constructive in any sense of the word, but toxic and gangrenous; your history here and elsewhere is the farthest thing from constructive or Christian conduct.

In short, you see only the faults of others while committing them yourself, and you want to turn my blog into another ugly CF thread. Not happening, and I will endure no more of it from this point on. I’d have to see the fruit of true and lasting repentance for your hypocrisy and assaults upon me and my blog, including the same degree of tolerance and openness you demand of others. I pray that you will stop stalking people, stop carrying grudges, stop playing the victim, and start treating others the way you WISH they’d treat you (the Golden Rule). I’ve been defending myself from you, which shouldn’t have to be done to someone claiming Christ. Think about that, and remember that you came after me, not vice versa.