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Evolutionism Test

Please answer these questions as honestly as possible. Choose only one answer per question.

  1. Why did you join this board, knowing we don’t believe in evolutionism?
    1. To openly discuss actual scientific facts
    2. To enlighten the simple and ignorant so they can abandon God
    3. To eliminate creationism from all public discourse
    4. To have some fun
  2. What criteria determine a scientist’s qualifications on evolution/creation?
    1. A graduate degree from an accredited university, plus published papers
    2. A graduate degree, published papers, and correct ideology
    3. A GED and correct ideology
    4. Correct ideology
  3. If a scientific fact is found to prove evolutionism false, you would:
    1. Accept the fact and abandon evolutionism as a disproven theory
    2. Accept the fact but keep faith in evolutionism
    3. Discredit the science behind the fact and keep faith in evolutionism
    4. Hide the fact, discredit the science, and demand everyone keep faith in evolutionism
  4. It’s okay for you to aggressively push evolutionism here because:
    1. Christians are always ramming their religion down my throat
    2. Everyone should be forced to believe in evolutionism
    3. It isn’t enough to own the media, the schools, the entertainment industry, we must also own the internet
    4. To have some fun
  5. It’s not okay for creationists to have their own boards or ban evolutionists because:
    1. We demand equal time for our views
    2. We must rid the earth of all who do not follow Darwinism
    3. We are God
    4. Creationists aren’t allowed to have any fun

Thank you for taking the Evolutionism Test. Note that your answers are completely irrelevant since the test keeps evolving, so an answer that is correct today may be completely wrong tomorrow. If you fail the test, just wait around and see if the questions evolve to prove your answers correct. Or, you may choose the Evolving Answer option and never actually finish the test, since the odds against getting all the answers right at the same time are astronomical, especially since the number of questions keeps increasing with each generation. There may be long periods of no change punctuated by sudden bursts of outrageous and unpredictable changes.

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