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Bently Out of Shape


There’s an excellent article about the recent goings on in Florida with one Todd Bentley Here.

I remember reading the book they mention, The Beautiful Side of Evil, many years ago, so I can vouch for the quotes although I do not own the book. It’s so sad that no one paid attention, and especially that seminaries and pastors have showed such appalling lack of discernment in these deceptive times.



Somebody gave me that book right after I was saved and I couldn’t put it down. It’s amazing how it parallels with the Bentley experiences. There is no division in what Bentley embraces and the occult.. and it is amazing that they can’t even see such an elementary thing.

Paula Fether

"Christians" are so experience-driven now that they cannot be distinguished from any New Age practitioner. So when they see a Bently or Hinn they accept them without hesitation. The Bible is seen as the Enemy, and just as the "church" used to burn them (and anyone who dared to read them), those days are returning.

Even some otherwise solid Bible students I know are being taken in by this, by the rumors of resurrections and healings. But they never ask for verification or check into the teachings. Surely they must know that Satan is a master counterfeiter and can do signs and wonders with the best of ’em.


It’s all giving this scripture a greater and more clearer meaning than ever before..

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. <>

"""Surely they must know that Satan is a master counterfeiter and can do signs and wonders with the best of ‘em."""

I can tell you from being in the charismatic movement that they are conditioned not to question but to blindly follow. Those who question are considered as enemies of God’s anointed ones. I just don’t think a person who can embrace and (love) a lie are of God -if they have known the truth. I was deceived into believing God was really like what they portrayed him to be.. but the thing is I hated their god and rebelled against him. Others left knowing something was wrong. But those who love and flourish in those lies make me believe they are the ones scripture says will be turned over to delusion, "because they loved not the truth."

Paula Fether

Yes... they are looking for "God" on earth, and they’ll get him...


What churches does this Bently associate with? Anyone know.

Also, has anyone heard of Word of Grace Ministries and Clint Glenny. He claim to be a prophet and never to have had anyone tell him he is wrong. The one person who did so, and told him he had problems was countered to have gotten his information from Satan. Thus leaving this Glenny guy as "perfect" and without flaw. Interesting, eh.


Ew deeeeah!

I became familiar with Benny Hinn and his FIRE! FIRE! growls while we lived in the UK. The first thing that I thought was "what’s the point of all of this?"

I heard about this Bentley guy on a mum’s site in the UK. Some of the members were all excited about him. Thanks for the link, I think I’ll post it on the site.

I think there’s some confusion in the Church these days. If the spectacular sounds good, it must be good. But he’s not called the angel of light for no reason.

Another one that I can’t bear too well is Kenneth Copeland with his prophecies and his pointless messages.

Paula Fether

According to Wiki, he’s "most closely associated with the Assemblies of God (AOG) denomination and often preaches at revivals in AOG churches".

People are so gullible... whatever happened to "test the spirits", and the Word by which they are to be tested?

Paula Fether

The words of A.W. Tozer still ring true (see my quote Here).

Paula Fether

I tried to tell someone about this, and sadly, they call rejection of this stuff "doubting". But doubting is exactly what good Bereans do; they don’t just accept everything (per the Tozer quote) but "test the spirits". And in Bently’s case, he fails doctrinally and behaviorally. It’s very sad that so many are blinded by signs and wonders.