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Sin in a Post-Modern World


Moral relativism has been around for a long time, but now it’s mainstream. To believe that there are absolute truths of any kind is to commit about the only thing people today will call a “sin”. Of course, the irony of committing that very sin while condemning it escapes most people, like being intolerant of intolerant people. It is a statement of an absolute when someone says “There are no absolutes!”

Such is our twisted and self-contradictory world. But whether people like it or not, there is no escaping making absolute statements. So it should come as no surprise to the reasonably intelligent person that God, to be truly God, is allowed to make statements of absolute authority and truth. It is He who defines morality; it is He who defines sin. He is God, and we’re not. We cannot judge Him, or think He should answer to us.

But of course, very conceited people try it anyway. They say things like “___(insert favorite sin here)___ doesn’t hurt anyone, so why should it be wrong?” But that’s irrelevant. If God calls something sin, then it’s sin, end of story. If God had said that it is a sin to chew gum on a Tuesday while wearing green shoes, then it would be a sin. It doesn’t matter whether such a thing is harmless, or fun, or whatever excuses you can think of. The only thing that matters is what God calls sin.

That’s the crux of the debate about sexual perversion, abortion, porn, polygamy, and everything else people try to get away with and force upon everyone. We Christians don’t oppose these things because we hate people or are afraid of them, but because God says those things are sins against His honor. And if we truly honor God, we will not stand idly by while His Name is trashed, His laws are broken, and His people are oppressed. We will not turn to jelly when we are threatened over our stand for what is right, as defined by God and not people. To be spineless in the name of peace is the ultimate slap in God’s face.

Of course sinners hate to be exposed. Of course they rage at the idea that they should be restricted. Of course they work tirelessly to tear down all semblance of morality, of God, from society. This is to be expected.

But what is not to be expected is that Christians should remain silent, or try to “dialog” with evil, or fail to take a stand for righteousness. It’s like trying to make peace with someone who is insulting a loved one or stealing things you worked for. That’s not tolerance, it’s treason.



Paula, Good thoughts!!! Eph. 5:11 tells us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. We are to be light and light always exposes what goes on in the dark. We need to do it in love and kindness, but we need to speak up!

Paula Fether

Thanks Sandy! People hate the idea of the Holy God; they only want (as I wrote a long time ago) "Jesus Lite". They try to lecture us on how Jesus was only ever gentle and peaceful, never mind those instances where he definitely wasn’t. Unbelievers have tried to tell me they know more about this than we believers do! It’s sad and laughable at the same time. But our world today can’t stomach the "meat" of God’s Word, only the "milk".