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Years before this news item (6-14-2006), a former government official named Gary Kah wrote a book called “En Route to Global Occupation”, in which he mentioned the stated goal of the global elite to partition the world into 10 ’kingdoms’, with North America being one of them (see article here under Prophecy called The New World Order).

...Conservative analyst Bay Buchanan of The American Cause says she was shocked to learn of a report that the Bush administration is part of a plan to create a North American “superstate.” WorldNetDaily reports that the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have signed on to an agreement, the “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” which Buchanan claims would make such a superstate a reality. President George W. Bush apparently signed the agreement in March 2005, without congressional approval. Buchanan says she is shocked “that the President of the United States would move to involve the United States of America in an agreement with two other countries without the approval of Congress,” which action she says is “unconstitutional on the face of it.” Also, the American Cause analyst notes, this agreement, which created 20 joint nation working groups, has been kept under wraps by Bush administration officials. “It’s all secret,” she asserts, “and there’s one reason for that: they know the American people would be outraged and opposed categorically to any movement in this country towards a North American union that would in any way diminish our sovereignty.” However, Buchanan says, this “partnership” does explain the immigration stances taken by President Bush. [Bill Fancher]
I’d like to see the doubters claim this was written “after the fact”! That’s been the mantra for many years, that Bible prophecy was written after the events to make it look accurate. Along with this news item, I’d add the return of the nation of Israel as another prophecy with a 2000-year gap from the prophecy to the event.

God rules!

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