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Indoctrinating Our Children


I just received a newsletter with excerpts from a recent NEA (National Education Association) pamphlet (Source) that was sent to all 16,000 public school superintendents in the United States. It is allegedly “a renewed effort to protect the well-being of all students, including those who are at higher risk because of their sexual orientation.”

No doubt certain sexual orientations put people at risk. But health and longevity are not the risks these bleeding-hearts care about.

Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators and School Personnel serves as a guide for public school employees “who confront sensitive issues involving gay, lesbian and bisexual students,” the coalition of 13 national associations said in a news release announcing the distribution of the booklet, Sexual Orientation and Youth.

Ah, those caring people; they don’t approve of harassment-- against gays. Against Christians is encouraged, however, as we can see on any given day where Christian students are forbidden to have a voice in school. Let’s read a little more...

“The opportunity for students to learn is diminished when they do not feel safe or supported at school,” the coalition stated. “In addition to assault and harassment, gay, lesbian and bisexual students experience high rates of emotional distress, suicide attempts and substance abuse.

”These factors hinder their emotional and social development, as well as their ability to succeed in school,“ the organization added. ”It is our responsibility to provide accurate and factual information.“

Now let’s test the sincerity of these people, and substitute ”Christians“ in those sentences. Do they also care that Christian students, especially young-earth creationists (YECs), ”do not feel safe or supported at school“? Granted Christians don’t have the same problem with suicide attempts and substance abuse, which by the way, are not being experienced by gays because of harassment, but because of their lifestyle. But are we to believe these people really care about Christian students’ ”emotional and social development“? Do they take it also as their responsibility ”to provide accurate and factual information“ about Christianity?

No, they don’t. This is not about caring for students, it’s about pushing the gay agenda and ramming it down our throats. It’s about propaganda and indoctrination, about pushing Christian ethics out the door, about silencing and harassing Christian students in favor of this disgusting form of genocide.

But I have to express my misgivings also about some Christian schools. Even if you have the cash to send your kids to a private Christian school, you’ll typically find an equally repressive environment for YECs, for Bible believers, for egalitarians, or for whatever else isn’t popular in Christendumb today. Given the spiritual apostasy of most of it, I don’t think it will be long until even they are accepting homosexuality and teaching kids to be ”tolerant“ of it.

What a terrible world our kids are inheriting! And ”the church" is no place to pin our hopes. The Bible tells us things will be very bad when Jesus returns; there is nothing about us setting up an earthly kingdom first, as the Dominionists believe (and promote forcefully). We must pray for protection until he does return.



"Even if you have the cash to send your kids to a private Christian school, you’ll typically find an equally repressive environment for YECs, for Bible believers, for egalitarians, or for whatever else isn’t popular in Christendumb today."

Very good points. I do send my child to a private Christian school. So far, not a lot of problems but the ’chapel’ services are Disneyesque and I sometimes find it harder to explain to her first grade mind why Christians aren’t more reverent toward a Holy God. We do a lot of study and talking at home and she finds that most kids in her classes do no bible reading or study with their parents. (She asks them!)

In reality in many Christian schools, one finds most parents are not real serious Christians. They are cultural Christians. I call them ’CINO’s’: Christians in Name Only.

They basically want to send their kids to a ’moral’ and ’conservative’ environment. They usually attend seeker type churches...but they get a bit nervous if people mention Hell or the Wrath of God.

Paula Fether

Personally, I don’t have a problem with worship style, whatever people define that as. The important thing is teaching, and teaching consistently, that God is God and we’re not. He is to be respected, honored, and worshiped as God, as the Creator he is, and most people only want to think of him as a buddy who never says anything unpleasant. You’re right, talk about hell is rare these days. It truly is a social club.


If all parents would bring up their children from both infancy and childhood stages that would help a great deal rather than allowing the schools or teachers be it christain or secular do the training or bringing up.

As King Solomon correctly placed and put it that we are to bring up our children in the way they should go, that is not the ways they the children would want and like to go or what their peers have told them.

Discipline must come from the inside that is the home,the family, both mother and father living lives that is worthy of our children following not saying something and doing another. Let them see it in ourlives, our words and deeds that would make it much easier to follow than said by words of mouth.

The government can not do it even our churches but the family.It begin in Genesis the first family .That would stop most of the kids taking guns at one another, and doing all sorts of social vice. We the parents have the duty if we fails our kids would.

Paula Fether

Good points, billypaul. We are surely reaping the results of decades of attack on the traditional family. School violence is escalating, along with almost daily horror stories about parents abusing children.

But destroying the family has long been the goal of public education in America. Dewey, the man who is credited (should be blamed!) with setting up our school system and that of the old Soviet Union, was among those who designed it to take children away from parental influence and have them raised instead by their peers and the State.


Wonderful idea and thought.If parents were left to bring up their children at home which was the planned of God the Creator,most of the campus shooting, waywardness of children would had been reduced.

Let the children and the government know that the home (family) not even the church building can bring total discipline and good family and traditional values to our children.