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Merry-go-round Christianity


Merry-go-rounds are tranquil, safe, monotonous, and never go anywhere. That’s fine if your goal is to relax and do nothing, but is that what the Christian life is supposed to be about?

In 2 Timothy 3:7  we read about people who are “always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” I think that describes a lot of what I’ve seen in blog and message board discussions. People like to talk, but not to come to conclusions. They like interesting journeys but not destinations.

That is, they only like endless speculation, not convictions.

Having convictions has become a sin it seems. There was a time when the churches at least knew where they stood, and believers could discuss other views while still passionately defending their own, and no conflict was seen between the two. But now, if you dare to say you have a preference and can strongly defend it, you are seen as angry, divisive, aggressive, controlling, and a lot of other things not fit to print.

For example, it’s practically impossible to talk about our assurance of salvation without being told we’re ramming our religion down people’s throats (how assurance is “ramming”, I’ll never know, since the alleged ram-ees can get very convicted about their lack of conviction!). You can expect that with unbelievers, but even many who say they are Christians bristle at the notion that we can be sure about salvation, or even that there is only one way to heaven!

God once lamented, “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one” (Eze. 22:30). Who in Christendumb today is willing to take a stand about anything? Who has convictions?

There are a lot of Christians whose idea of peace and harmony is just like the world’s: every idea, no matter how ridiculous, is to be tolerated (except of course the idea that there are absolutes!). I know of a blog that has been gushing about its finally having achieved an atmosphere of peace and tolerance. But the price? Getting rid of those who had convictions. To present one’s view with conviction got you “convicted” in the legal sense, and then evicted. Not by force, though, but by censorship and intimidation.

Yes, the “lukewarm” church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-22), that thinks itself healthy and vigorous, is the kind of church Jesus can’t stomach. But the “peace at any price” crowd doesn’t like to think of Jesus as anything but passive and tolerant, in spite of many verses to the contrary. I kind of get the idea that Jesus prefers imperfect but “on fire” over “take no stand”. I’d rather be wrong than bland.



"Who in Christendumb today is willing to take a stand about anything? Who has convictions?"

Why is it that those who are standing on ’conviction’ are doing so fervently on secondary doctrines that will save no one? In some ways, this is just as wordly as accepting the ’world’ into the Body. It all leads away from Christ.

Paula Fether

Good question, Lin. Why is it that people will fight tooth and nail over "disputable matters" but not for the gospel? And you’re right, people divide for the most trivial reasons.

Whether its women’s issues, Calvinism, origins, or a hundred other things, we have to remember that no secondary matter would ever contradict the plain and overarching principles of salvation. The NT is all about humility, service, gifting, and spreading the gospel. "Treating others as better than yourselves" should be a phrase we repeat every morning. I’d be interested to see how hierarchialists fit their pet doctrines into that.

The problem comes when a disputable matter is turned into a make/break matter. The "woman question" (as Bushnell put it) is one of those, because some are making it a salvation issue, or at least a fellowship issue. To teach that half the Body of Christ is to be under the authority of the other half, cannot use many of their spiritual gifts, and cannot "go boldly to the throne of grace" directly like the other half, is to divide and neutralize the Body. People can have their opinions, but when one side refuses to allow the other to have their opinion, it becomes a serious matter. It’s so sad that many will indeed feel convicted to repress and control instead of serve and build up.


I am grateful to the Lord to make a little contribution on this blog/forum.

What I am led to bring to our attention is the Essential Of Women In The Body Of Christ/Ministry

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am going to present some Biblical instances and examples from the Word of God that do give the authority for women to not going preach, teach the Gospel but do ministry when they are called by God into this precious calling.

There are so many denominations, churches, organizations all around the world that have adopted the school of thought that is against and do not permit or ordain a woman into ministry or allow to preach or teach on the pulpit. We do have several of them here in Ghana mainly working in the towns and villages carrying this unbiblical teachings.

In the first book of the entire sixty-six volumes of the Bible called Genesis, if you would go with me with your Bible to Chapters 2 both reading and studying that whole chapter, you would notice that was the first placed ever making the mentioned of woman.

That God the Creator of planet earth, the universe having made all things, decided to make a companion, helper, partner for man (Adam) because among all the creations including the animals there were no companion compatible for man.

God could had given the man (Adam) one of the millions of animals in the garden, sheep, dog, goat, lioness,etc but He God did not because there was no unity,compatiblity with man and an animal. This scripture is also a clear instance to those who have sex with animal that is not of God had He wanted it to be that way, He being Omniscience(All-Knowing) would had done so already. This is where the genesis of the need of a woman came into existence.Not from the man or the woman but the Sovereign God decided to bring forth woman for all His creatures and creations none was good for the man to stand with him, comfort, console, aid, etc.

That is why women are essential and very much significant not only as a married woman, house wife but she can become a leader of a nation, of a school , an institution or be called into full-time ministry preaching and teaching the Word of God both nationally and internationally.

If woman (Eve) were not essential for and to the man than God would had made another being considering He is Almighty and Omnipotent. Who are we to veto them from working the works of God whether on the pulpit, on the street, park, mission fileds, on via internet evangelism?

In Joshua Chapter 2,please read the entire chapter ,God did use or work through a woman , a nobody to become somebody in the person of a harlot named Rahab to gave protection to the two spies from Isreal who had come to spy the land. This scripture is also a clear indication that God can used and work with anybody regardless of his color, education,stature,etc.

If woman was not essential to the Body of Christ or to our world, why then would He God used Rahab, He could had used some of the men in that nation for there were many of them there,why?

In the book of Judges to be precise chapter four, please read the entire chapter.There it is indicated again that God does not see gender male or female but one who is ever ready to work and do His bidden them He used and work with.

After the death of Joshua, the children of Isreal had gone wayward, doing their own thing, and there was no definite or specific leader that He God could work with to take them into their destiny. So God begun to used and work with those who were ready and He anointed to bring deliverance to His People.

This time around God did decide to used or work through a woman named Deborah the wife of Lapidoth to set His people free from their enemies. He could had used Lapidoth a man and Deborah’s husband but He God rather chose to used a woman Deborah .

Verse 5 of Chapter Judges Chapter Two said, "... And the children of Isreal came up to her for judgement." That is counsel, guidance, direction, etc. Because God saw the essentialness of using a woman just like He does with man.

Every man, be it a president of a nation, king of a kingdom, church leaders, I mean everyone even women all came forth on this planet earth via a woman. Without a woman or mother no one who would born. Even our Lord Jesus Christ Hinself when coming to this earth ,God had to passed Him through a woman, a young Jewish girl named Mary without any sexual contact what we called The Incarnation or Enfleshment.

Please read Hebrews 13:8, turn with me into the book of Esther 2:7, God proving again and again that He is ever ready to move, do wonder through anyone who make himself or herself ready for His work. Esther a Jewish orphan girl was used by God to bring deliverance and freedom to her whole nation. Why could not God used her uncle Mordecai, he was a man?

In the New Testmant, God once again refute and rebuke all those with the school of thoughts that woman can not preach or teach using Mary to bring forth the Saviour of the World. Woman is not meant to only bring forth children etc but they have within themselve giftings, talents that can be used and tap into to even do more than some men. Great Britain once had a woman prime minister, so with Pakistan, now Germany, Liberia where we do mission work, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, et

These are all secular nations and jobs if they can why stop a sister called by God to work for Him in Africa, South America, America.

Please read the followings scriptures: Galatians 3:28, 2Timothy 4 19a,Acts 18:1-2,Romans 16:3.

The first evangelists or world evangelists to proclaim and take the Gospel of Christ were women, please see Matthew 28:1,Mark 16:1, Luke 24:10, John 20:1 All the males disciples of Christ had ran away, they were afraid, Jesus had to appeared to these women to bring comfort to them that He has risen. Why appeared to a woman and not a man if they (women) had no role to play in the Body of Christ just to sit down and listen. This does not mean a woman who is a leader can not honor or respect her husband or men, she would and should.

May God help us all let us allow the Bible to speak for itself and not ourselves.Please pray for churches in Ghana some of whom are carrying this un Biblical doctrines not allowing a woman to preach or teach.

Thank you for the Forum and God bless you all this is a good site .

Paula Fether

Welcome, BillyPaul, and thank you for that concise "walk through the Bible" on the issue of women. It is one of the areas in the churches that is being used to exclude and marginalize many believers. Jesus said "the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few", yet many would keep willing laborers away and inhibit the gospel, rather than allow a woman to do what God has gifted her to do.


Yes indeed, what we are to be more and most concern about is advocating and contending for the the Gospel of Christ and the salvation of the losts all around us and how we can bring sound Biblical teachings to the Body of Christ globally.

What we must all realized is that salvation of the losts is the paramount and major concern of God the Father. Doctrines and the likes are all secondary issues in my opinion.Reaching out to our neighbors, communities, towns, villages, and places the Lord God may lead and direct us to teach, preach and express His love to the unloved, hopeless ,etc are things that matter to our Creator.

One thing we must know only those who have accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour and living for Him in this life and world in my opinion would make it in heaven. I made be wrong and I stand and open to be corrected with Scriptural evidences.

The heartbeat of God is the saving of souls that why He sent His only Son in the person of Christ Jesus being the first missionary and evangelist on planet earth to bring fallen man back to His creator. Which He did only for one to receive and accept Him as Lord and Saviour.That He died for all not some,few, small of our sins. God bless


Fellow Brethren in the Lord, Would you please pray with us on the following needs: Text books, pens, pencils, used or second hand computers, toys and any food items for the orphanage here in Ghana.

We do already blessed the Lord for Mother Paula Fether who has been a help in helping us with our garden which is being used to help bring income catering to the orphanage and ministry here. The orphanage host refugees children from the civil war in Liberia.Sierra Leone,Ivory Coast,etc. Please we seek your help in any small way to continue what we are doing as we are limited.

The computers would help buttress the farm used to train computer skill to the children and help our communities.Thank you and God richly bless and lead you.

Paula Fether

Will do, Bro. BillyPaul. And you are most welcome.