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Conservatives are scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong, but the answer is not to just regroup or take back the media. No, the roots go much deeper. Our nation is filled with the “entitled”, with people who think they all deserve big houses, fast cars, no laws they don’t personally like, and endless government handouts.

How did it come to this? Easy. Generations of attrition, beginning with the anti-American takeover of our country’s colleges. God was marginalized and finally expelled. Morality was made relative, feelings ruled principles, and peace was to be had at any price, no matter how high.

We did not riot when Roe v Wade made murder for convenience legal.

We did not rebel when the 10 Commandments were stricken from public view.

We swallowed every twisted psychological experiment upon our children.

We kept electing those who promised the most government largesse.

We foolishly believed that even if our enemies took over, the same laws that allowed it would then work in our favor to overturn it.

In short, we did not act but only watched and whined as one pillar after another was knocked down. We allowed the hearts and minds of our people to be swayed by many siren songs, lulled to sleep so the wolves could roam freely among us. Nobody cares now what our principles are; the only law they recognize is that of force. And last time I checked, conservatives do not have a standing army at their command.

The question is, how badly do you want it back? And if your plan is to talk and reason and evangelize, you will wind up wasting your time, because reason was never in the equation. This was a war of worldviews, wherein the enemy uses tactics they know we’d never use. You don’t talk to people like that, you defeat them.

Tolerance is the weapon that defeated America. If you’ll give one inch you’ll give a thousand, one at a time, and now we’ve reached the thousand. I expect in the coming months to see sites like mine shut down. I expect the Christian voice to be forced underground, as is already being done in places like Canada. The Brave New World Order just got supercharged, so hang on to your faith and your integrity, two commodities that just became scarce.



I think that how we are raising (and have raised) our children is probably more foundational than anything else. In a couple of weeks, my husband (who is the oldest in his family) and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. His youngest brother won’t be here because it’s his children’s soccer celebration. Fifty years ago, a family wouldn’t have even considered missing a family event for a children’s celebration. Nowadays, the child’s schedule takes precedence over everything else.

I believe in giving our children everything they need (during their childhoods) to become productive adults. I do not believe in centering our lives around their every whim. We are raising children who will ignore us in our old age because their own priorities will be more important.

We are committing social suicide.

Paula Fether

Congrats on the 25th, Robin! It’s a rare milestone these days. And you’re absolutely right, we have spoiled our children, who will grow up to be spoiled adults. We have multi-generation welfare families that know no other life. It’s all very sad to watch.

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Greg Anderson


I don’t normally watch TV and even when I do it’s generally PBS or a Packer game.

But last night over at a friend’s house, I caught an episode of "Boston Legal".

I’ve never watched that show and my jaw dropped at the subject matter and the view of abortion on demand that was set forth.

It was about a 15 yr. old girl trying to get a by-pass injunction through the court system so that she would not have to get her mother’s consent to have her baby aborted.

It turned out that the girl in question was Chinese and the underlying reason she opted for abortion was that the baby she was carrying was female.

I could not believe my ears when Candace Bergen launched into a diatribe about the holocaust of female babies being aborted in China and India and that the injunction should should not be granted to the girl.

James Spader was the girls attorney, and of course was able to argue successfully that her right to an abortion was the only issue according to the precedent of Roe vs. Wade.

At the end of the show, Shatner and Spader were ruminating over Cigars, and Shatner tells Spader that Roe vs. Wade is the only thing assuaging his conscience. Spader then admits that it’s damn hard to argue after seeing a sonogram, that a baby is just a blob of tissue and not fully human.

The episode closed with a cover (piano & voice) of Dylan’s song:

Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don’t stand in the doorway Don’t block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled There’s a battle outside And it is ragin’. It’ll soon shake your windows And rattle your walls For the times they are a-changin’.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt it relevant that big network media would allow such a blatantly ANTI-abortion message to be aired. It gives me reason to hope for the American people.

I am confident that your site will never be shut down! This is not Canada, and we Americans are very jealous of our right to free speech and press.

There are cases being won and pending all across our nation where Biblical exposition is not hate speech and that a nativity scene or a menorah in the park is no more an establishment of a state religion than is a Starbuck’s in the Capitol rotunda.

Paula Fether

Hi Greg!

I hope you’re right and I’m just spending too much time in the trenches. I hope that we will continue to have enough freedom to keep preaching the truth until the minute we are taken to glory. I do know that God never leaves himself without a witness.

That is really amazing that a tv show actually was bold enough to tell the truth about abortion. Praise God for that! Now we should turn up the heat on the networks and Hollywood, about that and a lot more.

Greg Anderson

One last observation. If you read the language of the U.S. Supreme court’s Dred Scott decision of 1857, and that of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling, both cases are eerily similar in the way they define non-persons.

In 1857, it was negroes who were property and therefore not endowed with unalienable rights, in 1973 it was blobs of extra-uterine tissue that have no unalienable rights.

Paula Fether

Yep. And next it will be the elderly, then the crippled, then Christians...


Greg, that is a remarkable stance for a tv episode! I wish I had seen that. Paula, you are right; we do need to rattle the cages of the networks and policy makers. Spread the wealth...no. Spread the truth...yes.

I want to look at the language of the Dred Scott decision. What an ironic comparison to bring up! Wish our number one politician could wrap his mind around that one! Once we begin justifying killing for convenience, there are no bounds. Ironically, many whose relatives fell at the hands of such killing policies now support the same thing-they just don’t see it. (Or maybe they do.)

(I am not against sharing ’wealth’-I just want to choose how my contributions are shared.)


I have a bit of a different take on what is happening. I agree with Cal Thomas and this article he wrote about the Christian Right: RIP


Christianity is strong (small but growing) in oppressive countries. The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church. IF we are keeping up, we see many who are willing to die for the truth. Not fighting political wars with their countries regimes.

We have so married politics with religion and thinking America is a Christian nation, we hardly know the difference. Now, we find ourselves trying to show the world our differences with the Christian left! (I use Christian only because they identify themselves that way. Not because it is a true description for either side)

The Gospel cannot be legislated. It is one heart at a time... changed.

With that said, I do believe Christians should vote and support freedom, etc. But, I think it shows how misunderstood the Gospel really is that many who profess Christ were so willing to vote for a man who opposed giving medical care to late term born alive aborted babies. He was the point man in opposing this. This did not bother "Christians’ at all. This tells us that many do not know the Gospel who think they do.

Paula Fether

Good points all around.

While it is true that you can’t legislate morality, the fact is that every government has one. It’s not a choice of secular vs. religious, but which religion (world view) will prevail. Here in the US we have what is basically a Judeo-Christian ethic written into our Constitution, so it seems reasonable to hold our "representatives" to that ethic.

Most of what I think Christians (other than the far right) object to is really the trampling of the Constitution, not necessarily Christianity. The right to life is stated explicitly, along with the rights to bear arms and own property.

So no, I wouldn’t want the likes of Pat Robertson or Rick Warren to install their own agendas in our government, but neither is it right for the other extreme to do so.

But the bottom line no matter where we are is that Christians have not been the "salt and light" we were supposed to be. If we had been, many of the issues and extreme immorality plaguing our nation today would not have been an issue. We forgot that as Christians we are to change the world one person at a time.

Even so, we are also Americans, and as such we have allowed our Constitution to be unraveled in small increments.

Greg Anderson

If anyone is interested in watching the Boston Legal episode I wrote about, just goto abc.com and click on Boston Legal & full episodes.

They will then ask you to install a specific player, it’s safe and sane, no big deal.

The episode is entitled "Roe" and is very powerful, I hope it puts some bugs in a few hearts.