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The Evolution of Snobbery


It is assumed by many that if they have “moved on” from such “primitive” ideas as God, faith, judgment day, prophecy, the Bible as divinely inspired or even just accurate history, etc., that they have made some sort of progress to a more enlightened and educated state, such that any who disagree with them are, by default, still in the dark and ignorant. We who are convinced, through much study and debate, that God really did make the heavens and the earth in six earth days, that Revelation is a prophecy about God’s final and literal judgments on the world, that the Rapture must precede this event, that the Bible really is divinely inspired, or even merely that evolution isn’t science, are all lumped together with flat-earthers, people who equate thunder with angry pagan gods, “chicken little” scaremongers, and just getting in the way of the utopian world envisioned by our betters.

To say such things, true though they are, is to be branded anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-progress, and anti- everything else the snobs deem right and proper. To argue on the basis of evidence (or the lack thereof), or to dissect and expose the poor logic and double standards of the snobs, is to be branded arrogant or conceited. To believe God keeps His promises not only to us but also to His chosen people Israel is to be viewed with contempt as anti-peace and Biblically illiterate-- a most ironic charge from the same people who dismiss the Bible as strictly man-made anyway.

Can we really call it “progress” to have reached the point where Christians no longer hold the Bible to be the true and only Word of God, whose historical record is mocked, whose teachings are judged to be forgeries or scraps from other religions, whose prophecies are brushed off as too ambiguous or written after the fact (in spite of evidence to the contrary), whose moral teachings are deemed old-fashioned, and whose Savior is redefined as a myth? Can we really call it “enlightenment” when the Light is snuffed out in favor of the world’s glittering “wisdom”, or when empirical science is redefined to include a very narrow philosophy/faith that must interpret all evidence to a pre-calibrated long-term scale? Can we really call it “maturity” when we ridicule childlike faith that Jesus Himself said was the ideal?

People like to rewrite history, whether religious or secular, national or personal. They romanticize it all as a steady climb with only a few minor setbacks, instead of something more like a roller-coaster that only gives the illusion of progress while delivering people to exactly where they started— and in such an entertaining manner that they can’t wait to do it all over again. When I see more and more of those professing Christ denying everything He taught and the basis for knowing it, preferring in many cases to accept any and every other worldview but the Bible’s, I can only grieve and pray for Jesus’ soon return— which I guess makes my opinions on these things worthless. But so be it; I will err on the side of scripture.

Don’t be deluded! If anyone among you presumes to be wise in this age, let them become foolish in order to become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. As it is written, “He captures the wise in their craftiness”, and again, “The Master knows that the thinking of the wise is pointless.” ~ 1 Cor. 3:18-20

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth? ~ Luke 18:8b

PS: See the Resources page for why I claim that evolution is not science.



Yes, and in addition to adding they also subtract. Anything they don’t like is claimed to be allegory or unoriginal in spite of a ton of evidence, while parts they like are deemed to be the only real or true parts.


The Catholic Church, which claims to be the one and only true Church, insists that the Bible is not the whole truth, that there are other truths that God continually reveals to His Bride (the Catholic Church). All cults share the common characteristic of adding to the Bible, e.g. Bible + Joseph Smith’s book, etc. etc.


Baloney. I have seen this charge leveled before.  Is it any different than a Christian believing that they know the "truth" about everything while assuming everyone else is spiritually ignorant and blind? Snobbery is abundant everywhere.  You just don’t like the snobbery that might be aimed at your personal position.


Thank you for caring so much about my views that you came here to post such uplifting and rational words. Your straw man burns brightly and illuminates the wwworld, and your ad hominem is a stellar example of the blindness and hypocrisy the world loves so much. Thanks again.