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It’s About Time


Please take a few minutes to read this statement on the issue of women in Christianity.

No more polite, fawning, patient “dialog”. This is war, and the battle must be brought to the walls of the castle promoting and imposing teachings that have had devastating effects upon the Body of Christ. Some may be offended and others will rage, but for the sake of the victims of these teachings we must take the gloves off and “have it out”. The time of talk has passed, and now begins the open confrontation.

Yep, I’m militant about it, because I won’t stand silently by as half the human race is treated as subhuman, even in theory. Bring it on!


Paula Fether

Yes, and we should pray for their protection. Those guys can be vicious and ruin lives in many ways, as one of the other commenters here can attest.

terri tippins

This will most likely bring the fire down on the heads of the main speakers of this conference. I think a little bit of "Holy Boldness" is overdue where this issue if concerned.

Anonymous for a reason

A few years ago, a friend of mine gave a talk on Patriarchy at a Christian gathering. A religion reporter from a daily newspaper called this person to get some information. He also called some well known comps who are professors at a well known seminary about some of her talk. These "men of God" told the reporter the person who gave the talk was involved in the occult.

THAT, my friends, is how they operate.

Paula Fether

Thanks for that, AFAR. ;-)

I’m hoping that tactics like this will turn out just as political tactics such as labeling people "racist"; it’s so overused that nobody believes it anymore. The world has gotten better informed on the shenanigans of the "religious right"-- their criminal business dealings, hypocritical immorality, good ole boys networks, cold-blooded denial or mockery of victims of abuse or scams, ad nauseum. The world sees through them now.

I wish I could say the same for "christendumb", but many still wear the blinders of naivete and think, as Tozer pointed out long ago, that anyone breathing the name of Jesus and wearing the cloak of Christianity must be of God. That’s why it takes a shocking demand to cut through the fog.


The Council of Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood is a cult. They have denied Christ’s full divinity (ESS theology), warped the gospel for women (females are denied full redemption and access to God – they still need male mediators), and have divided the church along gender lines (just look at the title they’ve given themselves). How do you successfully reason with leaders of a cult?

I’ve heard that in Mormonism --amongst the common folks rank-- many of them don’t really know much about what true Mormonism teaches. They’ve been given a watered down understanding of their religion. I think the same situation applies with gender hierarchy. Many people within these churches do not seem to realize just how unscriptural these teachings are (nor how dangerous) and how much some of the scriptures have been tampered with in order to support it. I think we need to focus on reaching the people who are lower down within the system. They need to hear the Good News!

If we post a "95 theses" at the doors of our local churches, my guess is that they would quickly be ripped down. Which btw gender hierarchy offers special “indulgences.” Males are exempt from mutual submission within marriage. It’s not a man’s fault if he lusts after a woman who is dressed immodestly by his standards. It’s okay if he has to act unlovingly (but it shouldn’t be too harshly) to keep his wife from forgetting her place. Women are allowed to idolize their husbands. Also, they won’t be held accountable for their actions when they are following their husband’s decisions unless it is clearly a defined sin within the Bible.

I think we need to start distributing information to the MASSES. Not to those at the top. They have already refused to listen to egal’s impassioned pleas for repentance from obstructing justice, from lording over others and teaching others (men) to do likewise, and from encouraging women to practice idolatry. They do not appear to want to engage in open debate or dialogue. Their tactics have been to discredit egals with the same type of slandering that evolutionists use against those who believe in creationism or intelligent design. See Rebecca M Groothuis article “Strange Bedfellows: Strategies Shared by Darwinists and Traditionalists” located here: http://www.ivpress.com/groothuis/pdf.php/rebecca/000045.pdf

We need to break up the monopoly these non-egal teachers have developed… like the Catholic Church had before the Reformation. I think we need to focus our efforts on getting the Good News out. “(F)aith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” (Romans 10:17 TNIV) Declare the WHOLE gospel with its good news for women backed up by Scriptures. Help women to see from Scripture that they too are full heirs of the promise.

How do we accomplish that? Going out in groups of 2 or more and handing out flyers/pamphlets at the parking lots of churches on Sunday mornings and talking with those wanting to hear more? Help people to make their own informed choice between the two options. Both sides claim that their side is the biblical side. “In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.” (Prov. 18:17 TNIV) The Danver’s Statement needs to be cross-examined where the masses can hear. How do we bypass their monopoly? YouTube? Other venues?

Paula Fether

Good thoughts, Sonnet. And the link sounds interesting, thanks.

I think we’re already reaching some of the masses with our blogs, conferences, videos and books. But what a bold statement like this Demand does is to get a far greater number of people at least asking questions, since many of them either don’t know we exist or they’ve heard nothing but "Jezebel" and think it’s just a few kooks and rabble-rousers.

I think that if we do the door-to-door thing, we may come off looking just like the cults, like a fringe group. But if we make a big noise in as much of the mainstream as we can, it may at least get us a hearing. We all know the ones teaching this crap are never going to budge, but we also know that by doing this they will give us free publicity. At least I hope so.

Another thing we need is to get people to realize that the "authoritative sources" they’ve relied upon are outdated at best, and deliberately hiding new discoveries at worst. We need more egal scholars to go public and demand a voice in the big translation committees as well as tighter oversight of the United Bible Societies, who oversee the original language texts. Katharine Bushnell called them out a long time ago but her voice was not heard; this time we need to use a megaphone.


"I think that if we do the door-to-door thing, we may come off looking just like the cults, like a fringe group."

- That’s a good point. Even if the door-to-door is churches rather than houses.

Paula Fether

Great article by Groothuis, Sonnet. Thanks!

BTW, there is a non-pdf version Here.

This paper does a comparison very much like the one I did between arguments for slavery and comp. strategy, but in this case between Darwinism and comp. strategy. Well worth the read.


Sonnet, great points and yes, that is an excellent article by Groothius. I have been sharing with some others. Thanks!