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Seven Years Later


Here at my Pages you’ll see a link to one called “ooo”, and in there are some links concerning 9/11 and the laws of physics-defying claims of the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT), the one the government and mainstream media (MSM) orchestrated for the masses. They also make sure that ridicule is heaped upon anyone who hasn’t swallowed it. You wouldn’t believe some of the filthy things people have thrown at me just for raising questions. They presume that to question the OCT is somehow to deny that many innocent people died on that terrible day. But of course the opposite is true: it is for that very reason that we demand the real criminals are brought to justice.

Yet the OTC followers have made “truth” into a dirty word.

“Truthers”, as we are called, are always presumed to wear tinfoil hats (to put us on the level of crackpots who keep watching for UFOs-- hey, wait a minute, doesn’t that describe the SETI project??). We are lumped together with America-hating liberals just because many of them are always in the habit of bashing the USA. How can any intelligent or civilized debate ever happen when so many people think the only alternative to bashing the USA is to blindly swallow even the most ridiculous pronouncements its corrupt government makes?

Think about it. A handful of obscure Arabs penetrates the most sophisticated air defense in the world with poor piloting skills and boxcutters. In spite of the time elapsed between the hits on the Towers and the other two events, not one fighter jet was scrambled to intercept, not even near the Pentagon, because every last one of them was involved in simulations for--- wow, what a conincedence!-- a terrorist attack using commercial jets. And the Towers fell at free-fall speed into their own footprints, in spite of the fact that no steel building has ever collapsed due to fire. And jet fuel is basically just kerosene, not some exotic high-tech explosive. Building 7 never even got hit yet it too fell into its footprint at free-fall speed. And in spite of the fact that most people don’t trust the MSM, in this one case they were all perfectly honest and thorough. Yeah, that all sounds about right.

It is not the good people, the ordinary citizens of this country that are corrupt, but their non-representatives in Washington. But we must also share the guilt: it is unpatriotic, un-American, to fail to keep government leaders accountable to “we the people”. We are becoming more socialistic every day, demanding bigger government and happily trading responsible freedom for cradle-to-grave spoonfeeding. We can’t have it both ways. And we can’t just sit silently while bought-off “scientists” defy the laws of physics.

But even after all this time, the Truth has not been silenced, and finally more “believable” support has arrived. Here is the text of a news released I received by email:

Government Report Defies Laws of Physics Architects & Structural Engineers Submit Evidence of Controlled Demolition, Disputing NIST’s Theory of 9/11 Building Collapses Houston, TX, September 9, 2008 -- The conclusions from a recent report (8/21/08) submitted by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology regarding World Trade Center-7’s destruction on September 11, 2001 is contrary to all historical, visual, and physical evidence, according to an independent worldwide organization composed of more than 470 engineers and architects. WTC-7 was a 47-story skyscraper located more than a football field away from the North Tower and was not hit by any airplane, yet completely collapsed hours after the Twin Towers fell in a similar manner.

“Our engineers are preparing a technical response to the many problems in NIST’s report,” states architect Richard Gage, AIA, “but one critical element is simple: In the history of steel-framed structures, no high-rise building has ever collapsed from fire before, even when other fires were hotter, more widespread, and lasted far longer…and yet this is the explanation NIST expects us to accept.”

Kamal Obeid, a licensed Structural Engineer, concurs. “Nothing we are being told by NIST justifies how the destruction of WTC-7 and the Twin Towers was so fast, so symmetrical, and produced so much pulverized concrete. Fire in steel-framed high-rises simply cannot cause it to collapse like a house of cards. Let’s remember the Twin Tower fires only encompassed the upper floors, and burned for less than two hours. And yet, what we witnessed were three total collapses at near free-fall speed.”

Adds Structural Engineer Ron Brookman, “Many people say that 9/11 changed everything, but it didn’t change the laws of physics.”

It appears there is one explanation that these structural engineers, architects, and physicists steadfastly agree upon: Explosive Controlled Demolition.

“There is an abundance of evidence which NIST refuses to look at or even account for that clearly points to controlled demolition as the source that destroyed these buildings,” states Dr. Steven Jones, a physicist and retired professor at Brigham Young University who examined the pulverized dust at Ground Zero. “Chemical analysis found traces of thermite, a compound long used to melt steel. It is disturbing that NIST refuses to acknowledge the presence of thermite in the debris or the pools of molten metal that numerous rescue workers found ”flowing like lava“ in the rubble. The extremely high temperatures (4,000 + degrees Fahrenheit) associated with this molten metal is confirmed by NASA sensors, and could never have been caused by jet fuel fires, which burn at 800-1,200 degrees Fahrenhe it. Steel melts around 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermite is designed to melt steel, jet fuel cannot.”

More evidence pointing to a Thermite Controlled Demolition: Iron-rich microspheres discovered by the US Geological Survey heavily dispersed throughout the disaster site are only produced by thermite under explosive conditions. More than one hundred rescue workers testified they heard explosions just prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Family members of 9/11 victims asked many of these same questions at NIST’s recent technical briefing. Over 470 architects and engineers are lending their voices and considerable expertise to those 9/11 families and many others now demanding a true independent investigation with subpoena power to find out what really happened on September 11, 2001.

So, how about it, America? Can you handle the Truth?


Greg Anderson


You’d never pass neocon-101. Truth be told, I flunked it too.

It’s also hard to swallow that a Boeing 757 fit into such a small hole in the Pentagon outer wall .

There was no wingtip or tail section impact damage at all, anywhere around the alleged strike zone.

I refuse to buy the official story any more than I can buy the story that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in 1963.

The truth is out there.

Paula Fether

You always knew there was something wrong with me, right Greg? ;-)

Yeah, no wings, no engines, the lawn crawling with NOT FBI or FAA officials but, um, office workers PICKING UP CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE, some carrying away a mysterious box covered in a blue cloth, immediate confiscation of area surveillance camera recordings, etc. etc. etc. And in PA, again no jet debris, no bodies, nothing but a ditch and some trash.

And people buy the whole OCT hook, line, and sinker. The coming "great deception" will be a cakewalk.

Greg Anderson

Just one more thing. How come Bin Laden is still alive and well somewhere in the wilds of the Pakistani frontier?

And why are we making the same mistakes MACV made in Vietnam when they tried to win hearts and minds while at the same time propping up a corrupt Saigon regime?

Is it just me or does anybody else see something wrong with these pictures?

Paula Fether

Bin Laden was trained by the CIA and they have always known where he is. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan before, guess who gave arms and training to the "freedom fighters"? Yep, we created this monster. It’s like they say: we can’t find Bin Laden for the same reason a thief can’t find a cop. His "unknown whereabouts" are useful to the Cause.

Vietnam was another "let’s use this as a test bed for our weapons development" project. They had no intention of winning, and no compulsion at massive human sacrifice, which is how Satanists view war.

And FWIW, if we are in the ME for oil, why are we still at OPEC’s mercy? Why are our gas prices so high? If we wanted oil we’d have had it by now. There has to be another reason.

Yep, those are doctored pictures.


As Ergun Caner said, if Obama was dead, he would be hailed as a martyr by the Muslim world and that is all we would hear.

What are some thoughts as to why 9/11 happened? What would be the point and did it work?

Paula Fether

I’m sure there were many reasons, chiefly the willingness to give up freedom for security. The ultimate goal is to reduce the west to third world status, bringing world "peace" (control) by making everyone poor. So 9/11 was another step, possibly an acceleration. Some documents I’ve seen online indicate that "another Pearl Harbor" was needed to that end.

Yes, a dead OBL would mean less willingness to continue the war on terror, and they haven’t milked that for all it’s worth yet.