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Technorati Test


When geeks get a little spare time, they do silly things like joining Technorati, which tells them to post something with a code in it. So this is it. :-)

Or I could try and find a clip of the really bad guy from the first Indiana Jones movie, saying “Well... what shall we talk about?”

Or I could hope you don’t see this till Apr. 1 and it could be my little April Fools joke. Or something.



We Luddites do not get geek jokes. Huh?

Paula Fether

Oh, the code thing was just part of signing up for Technorati, which is some kind of blogger-search thingy. The code is in the page’s html so you caint see it unless you do a "view page". I know, more geeky stuff. I just had to make up a post so it would pick up my site with the code in it. Daz all.