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No, not the cute movie. I’m talking about The Council of the Hood— you know, man-hood and woman-hood. Not the Biblical terms male and female but those contrived and loaded terms invented for the purpose of keeping Christian women out of full participation in the boys’ clubs called church and home.

But instead of yet another dissection of this body of death, let’s concentrate on the positive. We need to shake the dust of hierarchy from our feet as we leave the Pharisaical, power-loving crowd to themselves. They will keep us bogged down trying to unravel their twisted logic if we let them, keeping us from moving forward with the message of hope and freedom in Christ.

This message is not just for women either. In the previous post about codependency, we saw that men are damaged as well by the teachings of hierarchy. They are told exactly what they want to hear, what appeals to the flesh: the men that they are in charge, and the women that they will not have to make any decisions in this life.

A couple years ago I responded to the infamous True Woman Manifesto with a manifesto of my own. I think if we as egalitarians focus around positive statements like that, as well as renouncing the horrible teachings coming from many claiming Christ today, we might begin to see actual progress instead of just spinning our wheels in the mud of hierarchy debates.

In other words, enough already. Let’s move on and begin the building up and healing of the community of believers. Let us model the Body of Christ as shown in scripture instead of wrangling over who gets to have power. Let us develop and publish our own systematic theology, our own faithful translations, our own training courses and accreditation for achievement (I don’t use the term ’seminaries’ because they imply a legitimate priestly class). Let us build up the wall even though we are short-handed and surrounded by enemies.



This is the 1st time I read your Manifesto. It is excellent! I’ll sign it :-)

Paula Fether

Tanx Mabel! :-D


Well said!

Paula Fether

Tanx Sonnet! :-D


Excellent Manifesto! I will gladly and proudly sign.

Paula, your writing ability is amazing. You state truths clearly and concisely. You go, Girl!!

Paula Fether

Tanx Rhonda! :-)


Men are horribly damaged by this masculinist teaching. It is one of the reasons I am so determined to point out how unscriptural it is.

If one thinks about it logically, masuclinists are teaching the sins and consequences of the fall as virtue. They encourage people to focus on themselves and others instead of others. And they teach people to be led by humans instead of the Holy Spirit.

It is a man centered religion they promote as godly. And I must encourage people to run from the bondage of this and into the freedom of Jesus Christ

Paula Fether

Yes, it ruins everybody. I have moved from seeing this teaching of division as a mere irritation to seeing it as a true heresy, something to be denounced instead of treated as an internal debate people can agree to disagree on. It’s not possible for equality to exist with inequality.


You once summed it up to me quite succinctly as we are guardians not diplomats when it comes to confronting other professing believers who are promoting legalism and bondage to rules and roles.

I totally agree. As Paul told the legalists promoting circumcision in order to follow Christ: I wish they would go all the way!

The Bible must be the invention either of good men or angels, bad men or devils, or of God. However, it was not written by good men, because good men would not tell lies by saying ‘Thus saith the Lord’; it was not written by bad men because they would not write about doing good duty, while condemning sin, and themselves to hell; thus, it must be written by divine inspiration. ~ Charles Wesley, McDowell, Evidence That Demands a Verdict , 1990:178.

Christians are not distinct from the rest of men in country or language or customs. For neither do they dwell anywhere in special cities of their own nor do they use a different language, nor practice a conspicuous manner of life… But dwelling as they do in Hellenic and in barbaric cities, as each man's lot is, and following the customs of the country in dress and food and the rest of life, the manner of conduct which they display is wonderful and confessedly beyond belief. They inhabit their own fatherland, but as sojourners; they participate in everything as citizens, and endure everything as foreigners. Every foreign country is to them a fatherland and every fatherland a foreign country… They live on the earth but their citizenship is in heaven.~ The Epistle to Diognetus, near the end of the second century.

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