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Regarding Stalkers

Trolls and Luciferians from a site called GodlikeProductions have been harassing me and sending hate mail from my Contact page. These are probably the same moderators pretending to be anonymous posters there, who have also made posts and threads using my name and falsely accused me of posting under a proxy account.

I strongly urge you not to join that board or post in it. It’s a Tavistock operation and they will destroy you if you get too close to the truth. And though this was fairly mild, it is one way that persecution comes to those who follow Jesus. But we must be fearless, and remember that “we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against authorities and powers in high places”. There may not be justice in this life, but there surely will be justice in the next, and payback with interest.

See also here for a commentary from others with similar experiences:

Moderators have taken up a public lynch mob mentality. Seemingly recruiting members to participate in cruel bullying and banishment. I get the feeling there are only a few people pulling the puppet strings over there… As others have stated I have witnessed mods change identity within a thread to incite the participants.