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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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The End

Yeah, end of the year. But the end of a lot more.

2010 seems to herald the end of Christians knowing their own faith essentials; in many “Christian” blogs it is commonly held that proclaiming Jesus as the only Way, Truth, and Life (John 14:6) is bigoted, hateful, and arrogant, and it chased people away from Jesus. It also heralds the end of personal accountability from the greatest to the least: seminary heads can brush off the rapes and other felonies committed by the “pastors” it churns out, wives believe their husbands will answer to God for them (as “laity” believe their “pastors” will), practicing homosexuals are merely victims of either homophobia or twisted genes and therefore not in sin, and many believe that God makes us personally responsible for being whatever He forced us to be.

2010 also saw the end of the American republic and its Constitution (one example). We have been taken over in a silent coup by people who despise the “masses” and believe only Government is capable of making all decisions, controlling all activity and finance and even the lightbulbs in our homes. The American people have been so conditioned and indoctrinated that we can no longer get off our couches to protect the unborn or physically throw out of our country the traitors and subversives posing as our representatives. It is those “leaders” who have violated the law of the land, such that it is not rebellion against any God-ordained government to throw them out; it is they who are the rebels and we who uphold what God has ordained. But they call us the terrorists and are successfully turning the American people into a police state filled with snitches and crybabies.

2010 saw the end of civility around the world. We do nothing to stop the monstrous but common practices of not only abortion but also female genital mutilation (which, if you somehow haven’t heard, involves carving out a little girl’s genitalia not only externally but to the point internally where she can never experience sexual pleasure; many die from this torture, done without anesthesia or sterilization of non-surgical quality knives). We have watched sadistic slow beheadings and somehow been made to embrace the evil fake “religion of peace” that considers it the will of their demonic god. We forbid the expression of any personal convictions that are not politically correct, while the protected classes can be as biased and intolerant as they please. Justice is trampled in the streets (Isaiah 59:14), with victims being made criminals and criminals being pampered and called ’heroes’.

But 2010 also saw the end of the stranglehold of the old institutions of news media and ecclesiastical monopoly. Due to the internet, especially social media, it has become impossible for any of the old control-freak entities to keep all people in the dark, whether the topic is politics, science, or religion. In spite of generations of public school and ecclesiastical indoctrination, a “remnant” is escaping their programming and using the internet to learn what their handlers tried to hide from them. As a result, I expect those institutions to become desperate enough to “do something stupid”, to borrow a line from V for Vendetta (a movie that tried to paint conservatives/Christians as the villains, but reality shows the opposite). They will tighten the screws by openly taking control of the internet, the food supply, the water, the air-- all of which they have been busy with for a long time but in the dark.

In 2002 I posted an outline of the book En Route to Global Occupation and said near the end of it, “Although the Rapture can happen at any time, the trend seems to be that we will be brought very close to the world envisioned by the globalists before the Rapture. We will probably see a lot more conformity to the New World Order, including continued loss of freedoms for Americans.” I had written the outline long before I posted it online, long before 9-11-01. But this humble prediction has proved to be painfully accurate. Seeing how quickly things have progressed (regressed?) since then, I would expect 2011 or 2012 at the latest to be the time the desperation of the globalists will be expressed in an unveiled and unapologetic establishment of this New World Order where Big Brother would feel right at home.

But what will I do personally? I have no army, command no followers, possess no weapons of war. But I will not cower in fear; I will not be ashamed of my Savior; I will not shut up or blend in; I will not hoard money or goods that are already needed by the poor just because I see austerity approaching; I will not stop doing anything and everything in my power to do, even though I know it won’t stop what’s coming; in other words, I will continue to live on principle instead of pragmatism. And I will continue to keep looking up, for our redemption is very near (Luke 21:28). 2011 may very well turn out to be a disaster for all of us, or the day of the Rapture for the saved. Either way, what God wants from us is our faithfulness, and to remember (mangling another movie line) that “this isn’t the life we’re looking for”. Christians live for the coming kingdom, not any present one, and it may be much nearer than we think.

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