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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Yet another sad news item today, where convenience store shoppers either ignored, stepped over, or took pictures of a woman who was lying on the floor, dying of stab wounds. The reports all expressed shock over how callous people can be.

But what right does anyone have to be surprised?

An entire generation has grown up with the all-pervasive and relentless state-sponsored myth that we’re all just evolved pond scum, the descendents (a word which is, ironically, the opposite of what evolution is supposed to be about) of animals. Every day, all our lives, the sermon is thundered from every venue that our lives mean no more than those of mosquitos or bacteria.

You would think that even the most jaded atheist has to see the connection, yet somehow they don’t; they won’t see it. They are so dedicated to their religion, their worship of Nature, that they must deny even the most obvious truths. Beliefs have consequences, and cold-blooded disregard for human life is what you get when you preach evolutionism and the law of the jungle.

People don’t realize how much of what they consider to be “natural” morality is actually from God. He is the source of our concept of justice, compassion, and every good quality we can name. And when the majority in a society hold to a religious view that teaches eternal consequences for one’s actions, there is relative peace, safety, and goodwill. But when God is thrown out and man is put on the throne, or when they go to the other extreme and see humans as mere vermin, we get tragedies like this news story.

This poisonous idea of the valueless human, the scourge of nature who should become extinct, comes from our institutions of “higher learning”. The big universities are run by people who really do believe we are all a cancer on this planet and should be exterminated. There has been a well-planned and insidious agenda for generations to control the schools with such people, and now we’re harvesting the evil seeds they planted. Especially, the pseudo-science of Psychology has been the high priesthood of false gods who demand human sacrifice on a massive scale. Anything and everything has been used to de-throne God and anything He wills.

The degrading of society has been planned and executed, with proof of its effectiveness in news stories like this one. But we don’t have to sit and take it anymore. Stand up against the evolutionist propaganda machine! Do everything possible to get it out of schools, out of media, out of this world.

If you have any compassion for the next generation, if you really are more moral than the people in that store, prove it by speaking up against evolutionism, psychology, and all related tentacles. Demand proof for “goo-to-you” evolution, and when they don’t come up with it, tell them to take a very long nature hike.

Oh, and one more thing: Is there anything more jaded and cold-blooded than abortion? How can we condemn those people at the store while applauding the cold, clinical dismemberment of innocent babies every day? We whine about the war, about poverty, about murder in the streets, but we turn a blind eye to the slaughter of our own children by the thousands. How can people be any more two-faced than to feel outrage over this store incident while campaigning for ’choice’? Murder is nobody’s right to choose!

Posted 2007-07-03 under behavior, relationships, hypocrisy