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Blogs vs. Books

I’ve been experimenting with making my books ordinary web pages which can be read online or downloaded in “print” format. Whatcha think?

There’s a lot of good info in blogs and other sites, but people tend to only read what’s current and forget what’s been written before, especially if it’s been on the order of months or years. But the problem with archives is that unless people keep linking to them (as is more common with blog or forum posts), you lose page rank and nobody will find them.

Books, on the other hand, tend to be links people hang on to. They also allow the author to present a better case with much more information, as opposed to the “sound bite” bickering that seems to be the norm elsewhere. Unlike blogs, the topic of a book is not hashed and rehashed endlessly as each new wave of commenters arrives. And people have to read the whole thing before commenting.

I’m thinking of taking my podcasts, which are hopefully going to be a more planned-out sequence of lessons, and eventually making a book out of them. The Nicolaitan book encompasses all I’ve written before about equality and hierarchy in the church and between the sexes, so the next book might be a summary of all I’ve written and podcasted on everything else.

Comments? Ideas? Lumps of coal? ;-)

Posted 2010-01-15 under blog, books, podcasts