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Who is Mystery Babylon?

It’s wise to use caution when attempting to identify fulfilled prophecy. For example, some believe that the Tribulation already happened in 70 A.D. but there are too many things that did not happen then. In my personal opinion, fulfilled prophecy must fit like a key in a lock. It can’t be mostly accurate, it must be completely accurate.

That being said, I don’t see America as meeting all the criteria for Mystery Babylon. Certainly no one would deny the great evil running rampant here, but there are too many discrepancies. Let’s take a look at how Babylon is described in Revelation 17 and then see who fits ALL the criteria.

As the text itself explains, the waters are many nations. Even though she is a city, she does business with many nations and controls them because of her great wealth. She rides on the beast, meaning she controls the world government for a while, but later it turns on her and devours her. Only a married person can commit adultery, so she must have ONCE BELONGED TO GOD (elsewhere in the Bible God describes Israel as committing adultery when they turn away from him to other gods). She has killed a multitude of Christians. She is the Babylon of chapters 17 and 18 (compare 18:9 with 17:2, 18:10 with 17:18, etc.).

There are only two groups of people who are designated in the Bible as being chosen by God: Israel and the Church. The US has been given no such distinction. Since Mystery Babylon once belonged to God she can’t be anyone but Israel or the Church. The US does not sit on seven hills. The US has not made a habit of killing Christians. And the US is a nation, not a city.

If she isn’t the US, then who is she? What CITY is known as a city on seven hills, has a history of killing Christians, operates in the world like a nation, is unbelievably wealthy, has control of many nations, is dressed in royal splendor (purple and scarlet and gold), and once belonged to God?

Who else but the VATICAN is a city that does things only nations should do? The Vatican is incredibly wealthy, with its artifacts, statues, jewels, paintings, and the many dues it collects from its subjects. Rome is known as the city on seven hills. She is known for her crusades and inquisitions, wherein many Christians were murdered. She pretends to be the one true church, which is why John was so astonished to see her. He knew the church as poor, humble, and clean, but now he can hardly recognize her. No wonder the merchants mourn over her when she is destroyed. She has been responsible for much of the world’s economic activity, and suddenly it is all gone.

(Dave Hunt’s book, A Woman Rides the Beast, is a well-documented exposé of the Catholic Church. With over 800 footnotes, and with many quotations from the church’s own archives, he identifies it as the Great Prostitute/Babylon beyond any doubt.)

The book En Route to Global Occupation shows that the only role the US will play in prophecy is to be part of the 10 kingdoms of the antichrist. (BTW, did you know that one of the Pope’s titles, Vicar of Christ, literally means Antichrist? Vicar is the Latin word from which we get vicarious, which means in the place of. So the antichrist will not only be AGAINST Christ but will pretend to BE Christ!!)

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