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no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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This is for “the two of you”, and you know who you are. Sorry to everyone else for this bit of a scolding for them.

I like closure as much as the next person, and I long for fellowship with civilized, rational people. But I draw the line at people bringing their issues here from other places and keeping them fed and watered.

This blog doesn’t exist to settle other people’s arguments, it’s about things I think are important. That generally means theology, apologetics, and exposing teachers of error. If I wanted attention or popularity I surely wouldn’t be picking such topics, and I’d welcome these cock fights. But I don’t. I will not tolerate an endless “he said, she said” tennis match from other websites.

So “don’t make me come down there”; don’t make me lock out EVERYONE because of you. Don’t make me stop allowing comments, few as the legitimate ones are. I’ve already had to rip out my contact form, pay for private domain registration, lock several pages and posts, and keep a sharp eye on my spam filter just to guard against bullies and loons.

No more comments about “fools and knaves”, and you BOTH know who you are. I don’t care what he’s writing about me in his own blog. I’m not the internet police or obsessed with him as he is with me. This blog isn’t about him, as much as he imagines it to be, and as much as he thinks I’m hanging on his every word or even glancing at CF just to watch him. His rants are of as much interest to me as watching dandelions go to seed.

Drop it, both of you, and I mean now!

[/spittin’ nails]

Posted 2012-02-16 under behavior, controversy