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Tales from the Crypt

Remember that new cult I told you about? It was born with fangs! Just read some of these quotes and see for yourself. But keep your distance, and don’t read it after a meal. (source)

There is no third way in which one can have both the God of Judeo-Christian tradition, that is, the God of the Bible, and the egalitarian god. You can be a Christian or an egalitarian; you can’t be both. This is simply a matter of study and reason, and I am joined in this opinion by feminist theologians who think that Christianity isn’t true. They are more honest than those who wish to eat Christian pudding with egalitarian sauce.

Males are given by God a higher place in the human hierarchy not because of their superior “virtues,” or “traits,” or necessarily even abilities. They are assigned the leader/provider/protector tasks simply because God decided they should depict Him in His relationship to His creation (the masculine vis a vis the feminine).

I understand. It’s same old, same old. But you still have to unsheath the battle-worn sword again and again because the Medusa-witch keeps growing new heads with every new and deceived generation.

Touchstone has no rule that its writers must be Christians.

Let me make it clear that I judge no one’s soul--only God can do that. What I’m saying is that egalitarianism and Christianity contradict each other.

But power and hierarchy are very different things... But true patriarchy is actually the restraint of this power to dominate, the replacement of the simple capacity to exploit with an obligation to lead... But this is impossible when the very idea of leadership is dismissed [Note: this is a lie, egals do not dismiss the idea of leadership. We just don’t arbitrarily assign it to anyone based on the flesh.]

The absence of hierarchy is predation.

Could it not then be said that Satan is an egalitarian? In fact, isn’t it fair to say that Satan is the first egalitarian?

the mystery of the Holy Trinity, in which ontological equality exists within the a natural hierarchy [Note: there is no hierarchy in the One God]

you hold positions that are heterodox at best, and rank heresy at worst.

Let’s put it this way for those who don’t like my saying you can’t be a Christian and an egalitarian: to the degree a person is an egalitarian, he is not a Christian. It means the same thing.

I was being charitable. Don’t get me going. Besides, you already called yourself an egalitarian. What could I add that would be worse than that?

That’s right; he’s simply a false teacher and self-opinionated heretic, who twists Scripture to his own destruction. I do not account him in any sense a “fellow-believer.”

(emphasis mine)

Well, there you have it: cold, dead, hatred of egals by male supremacists. I couldn’t make myself read any more, you’ll have to continue reading there to see the rest. Name calling, cursing, ripping the Body apart! What kind of “Christians” engage in such Satanic butchery?? Where is the love of God in their hearts?

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