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Christian Mysticism?

You may recall from earlier posts (You Shall Be Like God and Contemplative Spirituality) that what is being heavily promoted today as true Christianity is nothing of the sort, but a counterfeit. Many believers are being relentlessly pressured with the notion that the Bible is insufficient or deficient and that the truly spiritual Christian will look to the mystics for ways to get closer to God. But this teaching is very subtle and needs a detailed examination.

I’m happy to relay to you an excellent series starting at Herescope called Was Paul A Mystic?. That blog is non-interactive, but if you’d like to comment feel free to do so here.

Even if you have somehow not encountered these teachings, I strongly recommend reading the series. Attacks on the faith are intensifying and coming from our own ranks, on a global scale; this is no time to be ignorant.

Posted 2008-05-08 under God, behavior, relationships, religion