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Inaugurate This!

Is anyone else sick of all the drooling over the coronation of the first King of the North American Union inauguration of the (unqualified and foreign-born) US president? I can’t remember ever seeing and hearing as much gushing over any presidential inauguration in my life. Biased much, mainstream propaganda machine media? And could it be any more obvious proof that yes, race was pretty much the only issue this election?

People don’t realize what they’ve done, and what is about to happen. They do not have a clue about how the world has “changed”, and not for the better. Their “hope” is in anything other than what has been, even if it turns out to be worse. They don’t seem to care. All they know is that “the man” has been defeated, and they smell blood in the water. Yes, it’s all about race, and nothing more.

I’d rather inaugurate something else, something truly revolutionary and based on more than a vain hope. I’d like to see the Christian community drop its own blinders and get off the world’s globalist bandwagon, to go back to the gospel that turned the ancient world upside down. I’d like to see Americans go back to their Constitution and stop bowing low before the forces that hate us, within and without, in high places and low. I’d like to witness the beginning of a new era of true democracy, true Christianity, and a true “yes we can” attitude toward actual justice for all instead of only for the privileged and politically correct.

I know we are living in prophetic times, and these things must happen. But fighting for truth and justice is never to be discarded by Christians. Some take God’s specific injunction to Israel at a specific point in history as somehow binding upon this gentile nation of today, but nowhere has God called the US his chosen people or issued prophecies for this nation, such that we should consider the evils going on here as something we should not resist. We should no more stand idly by while our nation is overthrown than we would if our loved ones were attacked by a pack of wolves. (Seriously: would anyone say we should just stand and watch since it might be God’s judgment? Some people think so!)

I do not pray for the success or prosperity of this new regime, for it would only speed our demise into the sinkhole of depravity, entitlement, and self-worship this nation has already entered. I pray instead for the people to wake up and grow a backbone, to demand a return to all that made this country strong, before it’s too late. We must try, even if our country’s demise is inevitable.

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