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Wicked World, Callous Calumny

My alliteration alludes to the most ancient of blame games, started by Adam himself: “that woman you gave me” (Gen. 3:12). I read frequently from a political site called American Thinker, which normally has good articles. But recently they had a rather misogynistic one called The Descent of Woman, which engaged in the typical scapegoating and stereotyping of women for all that is wrong with the world. In spite of some in the comment stream appealing to reason, history, fact, and much evidence against the article’s premise, others there continue to see women as satanic little Jezebels bent on emasculating men and destroying the world. “Enmity” indeed (Gen. 3:15)!

Like the leftist media’s continual squealing that the evil “vast right-wing conspiracy” is to blame for everything from nuclear war to broken fingernails, male supremacism cannot separate its hatred from reality. And if anyone still wants to claim that our culture is pro-woman, let them explain how so many secular venues still want the Ozzie and Harriet world, where women knew their place and men did whatever they very well wanted, when they wanted (well, as long as other men approved!). But woman’s place, as I’ve written often, is the place of a child who is never allowed to reach full adulthood in all respects as men are allowed.

One would think that with the glaring evil displayed by Islam all over the world, that women would at last be seen as victims instead of instigators. But even when they are bound up like mummies they are still blamed for men’s lack of self-control. In fact, I’ve seen reports that the rampant homosexual pedophilia in some Islamic-controlled areas is admittedly due to women being so removed from public life and seen only as baby-makers. If a woman is raped, she is blamed and often tortured or murdered for it. If she objects to being forced to marry someone 3 or 4 (or more) times her age, she is hunted down and punished. But somehow, western men (and many women too) can look at that and still blame western decadence on women.

When oh when will these misogynists be brought to justice, Lord? How long must women be trampled? Even those who say they honor and value women still treat them like children who must have men’s permission for many things, and like second-class citizens who can never fully use their spiritual gifts. When will the day come that the last are put first, the weak shame the strong, the oppressed are freed, and the burdened are relieved?

Remember, women, you do not need permission to grow up. You do not need permission to be free. You do not need to politely request to preach the gospel, run a business, study theology, support your family, wear whatever you want (both men and women need to dress modestly though!), demand the same purity that men demand from women, teach grown men, council married couples, or change the world for the better as have many brave women in the past. Be strong and brave; don’t buy the lie anymore. Jesus died for you, and in time He will lift you up. “’Vengeance is mine; I will repay’, says the Lord” (Rom. 12:19). May that day come quickly.

Posted 2011-01-24 under roles, islam, sin, prejudice, misogyny, male supremacism