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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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If church is bad, what is good?

A church isn’t someplace to visit, it’s a body you are born into.

The Body of Christ is not an organization, it’s an organism.

It’s not what I do, it’s who I am.

Our worship of God isn’t to be kept in a box that’s only opened on Sundays, it’s our life, our every breath.

I’m looking for a body of believers who:


DON’T The following gleanings from some other websites explain more:
In stating these convictions, we do not intend to imply elitism, spiritual superiority, nor arrogance. We love and appreciate all those who belong to Christ, regardless of how they live out their church life (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.). Yet these are deeply held convictions with us, and we humbly present them to the church at large in hopes of persuading our brothers and sisters to enjoy the benefits of New Testament church practice along with us!

The Lord’s Supper celebrated weekly as a full, fellowship meal and as the main reason for the weekly church meeting (Ac 2:42 , 20:7, 1Co 11:18 -20, 11:33 ). In the center of the feast there is to be the one cup and the one loaf (1Co 10:16 -17), both symbolizing and creating unity. The mood of the meal is to be joy, not solemn reflection, because the focus of the Lord’s Supper is the excitement of the Second Coming. It is a rehearsal dinner for the future Wedding Banquet of the Lamb (Re 19:6-9)!

Church meetings that are interactive and spontaneous, per 1 Corinthians 14, rather than performances by professionals. Every one of the believers is to be free to contribute to the meetings (via a teaching, a song, a testimony, a prayer, etc.). Open participation is to be the norm, not the exception. The over arching directive for anything said in the meeting is that it must edify the church (1Co 14:26 ).

Home-sized and home-based churches (thus, smaller rather than larger fellowships) that are linked together into networks of autonomous house churches (Ro 16:5, 1Co 1:27-29, Col 4:15, Phlm 2).

Church as more of a family than a business. Meeting in homes helps foster community, accountability and intimacy among the members of the body. Further, churches are to be family friendly. The church and the family are to be integrated, not segregated. Age-graded Sunday School and Children’s Church only serves to further divide families. Children belong in church meetings and Bible studies with their parents.

Generous giving to support church workers (such as missionaries and qualified elders) and those in need. Without the overhead of such expenses as the construction and upkeep of a sanctuary, more money is free to be directed to where needed most.

More web comments:
Many, if not most, who attend today’s institutional churches suffer from a deep spiritual dryness that has settled into their very bones. It seems to manifest itself as a hunger that penetrates the very soul. Because they have not followed God’s blueprint many, aware of their need, go about like blind men groping in the darkness seeking what they sense they do not have. Many actually find the truth they hunger for and the joy that comes with the quickening of God’s spirit within. For a season this new light from God illuminates their heart and beckons them to follow but, afraid to leave familiar surroundings or endure the rebuke of their loved ones, they remain captive in a religious system that has grown cold...

Can we truly say today, as we look at today’s church that it bears any resemblance to the church of Acts? Indeed, outside of God’s word can we say that it exists anywhere but in our hearts? Perhaps it does if we’ll open our eyes, take the blinders off and look outside the mainstream institutional church to the unnoticed fringe; to the ridiculed, persecuted and discarded. Look close; you won’t be able to identify them by their clothes, education or speech. The only way you’ll be able to recognize them is by their love and the fruit of their lives. They most likely won’t be meeting in rented or purchased buildings. They won’t be teaching or preaching from elevated platforms and they won’t acknowledge any difference between layman and clergy. They will recognize all who truly follow Christ as co-laborers, joint heirs of salvation and fellow priests in the service of the kingdom. They will be a peculiar people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood called to build God’s kingdom according to His specifications. They will follow His blueprint with the integrity of a master builder...

Allowing believers to receive new light could result in biblical unity with others who are trying to come out of division and darkness. Who knows, if we found unity with others, the only thing that would divide us would be the brand names we’ve adopted. We might then be tempted to drop those also. Can you image what that would mean? It would be the end of denominationalism and the beginning of the simple loving church that Jesus built. We might then catch a glimpse of home. Have you ever dared to dream of a church like this, a church that feels like home? One that expects no fancy go to meeting Sunday clothes or pews arranged like theatre seats. I’m speaking of a church where you don’t go to watch a performance put on by professional singers, musicians, and preachers; where the show is a carefully orchestrated program of religious rituals, but one whose worship is simple, unprofessional and from the heart.

Gone are the props, the gowns... Gone are the altars, pews and stained glass. Gone are the bulletins, steeples and pulpits. Gone is the unspoken belief that worship music must be old and composed by those long dead to truly be of God...

To take a step toward early church worship is to invoke Satan’ anger like nothing else. Against this church he can’t win. (Matthew16:18) But if he can keep you from becoming part of the true church he can keep you spiritually impotent for a lifetime. The church began with Peter’s first sermon just as Jesus said it would (Matthew 16:18) and though the enemy has tried to destroy it, it still stands. (Acts 2:38-42)

There will be those who seek to hold you back; those from your family, your church and those among your friends. They will accuse you of heresy, of joining a cult, of abandoning your friends and family. It will get plenty rough before it gets better. Your choice to live by God’s Word will reveal enemies and persecution from source’ you never dreamed of. ..

The final decision rests with you; follow God or follow man... Hold on, don’t let go, don’t give up! Remember, God understands and will reward you for your faithfulness if you continue steadfast in the faith.

A good link on church bondage can be found Here. (Note: I strongly disagree with their belief in old earth creationism and over-reliance on the KJV, but this is an excellent article.)

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