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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Nine Years Ago Today

Who would have thought that Muslims and Islam, not Americans and Christianity, would be paraded daily by our media as victims in such a short time?

Who would have thought that Americans, not terrorists, would be digitally strip-searched at airports and lied to about the technology every step of the way-- by our own government-- because we were the victims of the terror of Muslims and Islam?

Who would have thought that Americans and Christians would be defending the right of Muslims to build a victory mosque at “ground zero” while simultaneously denouncing the right of an American citizen to burn whatever they want on their own property-- and threaten them with fines, and pre-blame them for physical violence that will occur worldwide just for planning it?

Who would have dreamed that the daily worldwide atrocities committed in the name of “the religion of peace” would merit them protection and special treatment while praying publicly in the name of Jesus would get a pastor fired?

Who would have dreamed that anyone would consider allowing Sharia law to operate in America, when that law violates our Constitution and is a slap in the face of this country’s founders?

Who in their worst nightmares would think the thousands who died that day would be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, even to the point of blaming the Jews for what their bitterest enemies did?

In only nine years America has gone from world power to world patsy, from the last bastion of freedom to an oppressive police state crawling with high-tech spies, from an industrial giant to a debt-ridden spoiled brat, from a constitutional republic to a caliphate.

We have been betrayed, and I can only grieve for the country that used to be. God is undoubtedly judging us, but as He did with the ancient enemies of Israel, He is quite capable of raining down even greater judgment on ours. The world’s biggest crybaby religion/government is Islam, and right now its tantrums are getting it everything it demands. But this will not last, for judgment is soon to begin on the entire world. The reign of the antichrist will be short-lived.

Posted 2010-09-11 under prophecy, islam, globalism, new world order, hierarchy