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Beyond Climategate

If you only read mainstream news media, you don’t know much about “climategate”. It’s the news that scientists in charge of the global warming scare, with emphasis on it being somehow caused by humans, have been exposed as frauds. Yes, it’s proof of a large-scale conspiracy, and proof that there is a global agenda to abolish all national sovereignty and send civilization back a thousand years. But that’s not the most important point.

What this incident does is show the tip of the iceberg. It isn’t just global warming that is covered in lies and whose purpose is global domination. There are many other avenues of conquest, including evolutionism and socialism. But the most glaring and pervasive and obvious at the moment is Islam.

At the Frontpage site you can read about the book, A God Who Hates by Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim. She exposes the lies of Islam fearlessly, something the traitors in our western governments hate for anyone to do. Islam is their ticket to the New World Order, their “goon squad” of global governance. It is ruthless and intolerant, warring and deceitful (see more at the Religion of Peace site). They should read this very telling quote from Wafa:

Wafa speaks powerfully about what America means to her. It manifests itself in little things. She leaves her house at 5 am and makes her way to Starbucks to have her coffee without fearing that someone might see her and accuse her of immoral behavior. To her, America means saying “good morning” to her neighbor and chatting with him for a few moments without being accused of having spent the night with him. America, for this courageous woman, means that her daughter can come home and tell her that she had lunch with her boyfriend without being beaten or accused of having impugned the family honor.
The more we capitulate to Islam, the closer we are to becoming all that Wafa ran from. She goes on to explain why this will happen:
“But I was afraid,” she explained when I interviewed her recently, “to express my feelings. I was afraid to express my thoughts, because under Islamic sharia, a Muslim who dares to leave Islam or dares to convert to any other religion is to be killed. And every Muslim has the right to kill someone who has left Islam without being asked a question. This is the Islamic law. Once you were born as a Muslim, you’re not allowed to leave it. This is simply the Islamic law, and it seems to me it’s very hard to convince Americans that this is the way it is.”

The recent Rifqa Bary apostasy case shows how right Wafa is about that, and how urgent her message is. Rifqa Bary is the teenage girl, a Muslim in Ohio, who left Islam four years ago and converted to Christianity. When her father found out about her conversion, she fled from her home in fear for her life. She said she ran away to Florida because she wanted to get as far away as she could — because not only her family but the mosque and the community in Ohio is very devout, and as an apostate she is in danger. But now she has been returned to Ohio, in large part because American authorities don’t know anything about Islamic apostasy law.

If they had read A God Who Hates, Rifqa might be in a safer place today. “This case,” said Wafa, “showed America in a very ugly light, that we will sacrifice a young girl on the altar of political correctness rather than do the right thing.”

I have sent emails to my governor and others, and of course I’ve gotten no response. He is sympathetic to CAIR and especially to the Somali population in Columbus, who apparently helped to get him elected. Those are his true constituents, not the people of Ohio. And if we continue to stand for this, by silence or reelection, we have the blood of all the Rifqas who have died or will die in this country at the hands of their own parents or brothers. Yes, it can, and already has, happen in America.

Wake up! The leaders of the world have betrayed us. Don’t trust them or the media that they control. This is NOT a free country and has not been for some time, though we have held on to many small-scale freedoms so far. But it will not last, and if we care about our children at all, we must get rid of all the traitors to our Constitution. Don’t let the 2010 election see you doing the same old thing.

Look at what’s going on in the rest of the world too, especially at “carbonhagen” where the elites intend to forge ahead with their man-caused warming fearmongering in order to take away our rights. They blame western civilization for everything, ignoring all the advances in medicine and level of comfort we’ve enjoyed as a result of freedom. We are not the evil gluttons they paint us as, and the third-world countries are not suffering because of us. They suffer because their leaders confiscate aid at the borders, deny people the freedom to own and farm their own lands, and only care about power.

This is a rant and a warning, not a time to haggle over politics. It is a time to stand against globalism, starting here in this once-free country.

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