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Rapid Evolution: An Oxymoron


Notice two things about the stooooooory at the source above: (1) evo is presented as established fact when even many evo scientists have exposed it as a collection of fairy tales for adults, and (2) rapid and evolution are contradictory.

Evolutionary theory is based upon presumed naturalism, such that the only way for our complex universe to have evolved by chance is for there to have been unbelievably long stretches of time (you know, nothing + time and chance = everything). So if things can evolve rapidly, then who needs long stretches of time? Why can’t they see that this shoots long ages in the foot?

Perhaps they’re trying to cover their behinds for the inevitable admission that the universe just isn’t very old at all. They have to be ready with a stoooooory that fits naturalism into short periods of time. Plus, it has the added bonus of taking away the creationists’ last argument: that since science proves a short age for the universe, then only God could have done it. In other words, if they can come up with a stoooooory that tells us blind chance really can make the universe in 6,000 years, then who needs God?

Only problem is, even their alleged short times are still in the millions, and there’s still NO PROOF for ANYTHING evolving from, say, amoebas to atheists, monkeys to mathematicians, or even lizards to lemurs. All science observes is that things lose genetic complexity; they become simpler. So then they say, Well, evolution sometimes goes forward and sometimes backward. But if that’s true, then there should be no net gain overall, and we should all still be pond scum. (Uh oh, I know some people who are pond scum!)

Posted 2006-08-01 under science, science, evolution, rapid, oxymoron