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no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Full Circle

I believe that the conditions at the time of Jesus’ return will be almost exactly as they were when He left. He spoke of the days of Noah and Lot, and the angel that appeared when Jesus returned to heaven said He would return as He left.

No one would argue that society has returned to pre-Flood wickedness, all over the world. But what of the Assembly?

In its infancy, the assembly met in homes, sharing their lives and not having some kind of religious social club, and devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching. Men and women, Jews and Gentiles, slave and free all had the gifts of the Spirit and used them to build each other up. They were like family, functioning as the Body was meant to. The Law of Love was their only law. Gone were the old ways of external restrictions and discrimination.

The Body was pure and healthy. And Satan hated it.

Persecution came quickly, but it only made the believers stronger. A new tactic was devised: infiltration. Paul had to spend much effort combating enemies from within, those who hated our freedom in Christ and sought to enslave us again to laws, rules, and discrimination on the basis of social class, race, and gender. People began to follow people instead of scripture, just as the Israelites cried for a human king instead of God. And it has been that way since the apostles died.

But now we see a movement, called a “revolution”, away from the church club scene and back to the family paradigm. Do you think Satan still hates this? Count on it!

The “house church movement” is already being painted as heretical. The control freaks hate it because there is no hierarchical, corporate chain of command. They think we all are helpless children who need to be “covered” (meaning controlled) to combat heresy. Problem is, heresy lives happily in the halls of mainstream Churchianity, and “covering” is itself a great heresy! It simply doesn’t exist in the New Testament.

And while the control freaks point their fingers at us wayward peons, their own house is in disarray. They have embraced Dominionism and New Age, calling it “contemplative prayer” or any of a hundred other names. They goose-step to the drumbeat of the New World Order and have expressly stated their intention to destroy all who stand in their way.

Not content with that, Satan himself has made his trademark assault on the assembly meeting in homes. Even in families, biological or ecclesiastical, women are held in utter contempt. No speaking, no gifting, just staying in place behind The Favored Males, who assert their pride and conceit as somehow Biblical! How can any believer read the New Testament and think half the Body of Christ should “lord it over” the other half? How can any believer even want this?

Hatred of women (yes, that’s what it is) has reached a fever pitch among those calling themselves Christians. They see no conflict between preaching the grace of God to everyone but then lashing out at half of them for having the “wrong” body parts! Do they think God has changed his mind about not looking at outward appearance?

Why does Satan hate women more than men? The answer is in Genesis 3:15, where God says to him, “And I will cause hostility between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.” God BLESSED EVE by decreeing that the Savior would come only from a woman, and this Savior would crush Satan’s head.

So who are the misogynists acting more like?

True believers are now returning, in the midst of great persecution, to the way things were right after Pentecost. A small remnant has “come out of her”, the apostate church, and Satan greatly fears this. Even more, he fears empowered women of God who have known nothing but repression for two thousand years yet cannot be stopped.

In those early years, both men and women preached the gospel boldly in the streets. Today’s “streets” are global and through the internet we can reach even to the remotest places. And the message we must preach cannot be tainted with hatred of anyone, regardless of race, gender, or class. It cannot be hamstrung by political or religious correctness. It will not shrink back in fear of other religions who spit murderous threats against it because we expose their lies.

The assembly is almost back to where it began. Women of God throwing off milennia of male supremacism is surely a sign of the near return of Jesus, since it was the first casualty of Satan’s long war against us and will therefore be the last.

Christian women, no more fear! Exercise your gifts boldly and be found “good and faithful servants” when Jesus returns.

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