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Luke 21:28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

Every now and then it seems that God has me stop my usual work and take a breather, to remember the time in which I live. And so it is today.

Prophecy was one of the first topics to pique my interest in Bible study, along with creationism and other “difficulties”. And of course the book that opened the great interest in prophecy in general during the 1970s was Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth. People mock him today, but he had a lot of things right, and looking back on it I think his purpose was not so much to get all the details but open the door and wake people up. And if people think he is so wrong, they have to study the Bible to prove it. So either way he got people thinking about it.

Things have gone downhill rapidly since then, and accelerate more every day. We keep reading about Christians being singled out for political and legal persecution in the West, while physical persecution continues and intensifies elsewhere. While the World talks about tolerance and diversity, it is plain that only those of us who stick to the Bible are to be hated above all others and left out of all the talk about unity and peace. We are, aside from that perennial favorite the Jews, the most hated people on earth. Even mainstream “churchianity” has brazenly stated its intolerance for anyone who doesn’t jump on the ecumenical bandwagon. Just ask Rick Warren.

We have rock stars being treated like priests (Bono) and talk show hosts being worshiped as christs (Oprah). We have politicians being honored as climatologists (Gore) and illegal aliens treated like royalty in many western countries. And we have scientists making chimeras and clones and getting rich by murdering babies. As the Wicked Witch said in Wizard of Oz, “What a world, what a world!”

This scientific angle is particularly interesting in light of Bible prophecy. Here are some excerpts from a decent article at RaptureReady (disclaimer: there’s quite a bit I disagree with at that site, but this particular article is good):

In Matthew 24 Jesus gives a quick sketch of what the end times would look like, but He doesn’t go into intricate detail... Later in this chapter He refers to the days of Noe (Noah). Again He just gives a sketch because everyone knew what He meant when referring to the days of Noe (Noah). Just before the Flood there was the almost complete corruption of the human genome by the fallen angels. This was most definitely Satan’s plan to eliminate any possibility of a savior coming into the world through the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15).

In Genesis chapter 6 we’re given a very scary scenario. Somehow fallen angels (sons of God) co-habited with human women to create a complete hybrid race of super beings. They were known as the Nephilim and only Noah and his family were spared from this corruption from the seed of Satan. You might ask why. Why spare only Noah and his family (eight in all)? We’re told Noah was perfect in his generations. In other words Noah’s genes were untouched by the fallen angels.

Even after the flood God commanded Joshua, Saul, and David on occasion to completely exterminate their enemies including men, women, children, and all the animals belonging to their enemies. Why? Because in Genesis 6 we’re told that there were Nephilim on the earth and even after the flood when Satan tried introducing his evil seed once again.

Believers should be watching with anticipation for the next sign. The Nephilim re-immerging could easily be that sign. It should be impossible to miss them. These evil hybrids were huge, standing over thirteen feet tall with immense strength. Those who believe the Bible’s explanation of the Nephilim have no problem understanding the building of those great monumental structures we see around the globe that have scientists baffled as to their origin. Were extraterrestrials responsible for the pyramids at Giza, or Stonehenge, or any of the other unexplainable phenomenons all over this planet? Not extraterrestrials but intre-dimensional. (emphasis mine)

While I have much respect for those who so intently long for the return of the real Christ that they spend a lot of time trying to calculate the year of his return, we are told that it is not the year but the number that matters:
Romans 11:25 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not think you are superior: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in
Yet we are also to keep watch, to recognize the signs of the times, to not be caught napping. So we do both: we study the prophetic signs and we try to reach that “number”: get the gospel to that last person.

Are you watching? Are you spreading the gospel?

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