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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Ever ask yourself: Why is December 25th a national holiday, and no other day in December? Why is it a “season of peace and goodwill”? Why do people buy each other gifts to exchange on that day?

Secular though it may be, and pagan in origin as many of its elements are, the “problem” is that Word— Christ. Anything but that, in today’s PC world. They hate Him so much they want his Name stricken from every facet of public life. They want history revised to ignore the most influential Individual who ever walked the earth. They want a sterile, Jesus-free zone. They don’t want Immanuel (“God with us”), they want him out of their faces.

Now it’s true that the likelihood of Jesus having been born on that actual day is pretty well zero, but that’s beside the point. The Bible never tells us to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, but that’s beside the point too. The point is that Jesus is Public Enemy Number One in the world, and they hate Him and any nation that still dares to breathe his Name. So they scream and stomp their feet and plug their ears and destroy all they can, because they are spoiled little brats that must have their own way. Tolerance is out the window when it comes to Jesus.

But He’s not going away! He’ll give those people enough rope to hang themselves. They will appear to succeed for a time, but the party will be short-lived. Soon the Name of Jesus will be revered again, and the PC Police will be jailed. And that time is approaching fast. So take heart Christians, our Day will come.

Posted 2006-12-01 under behavior, relationships, Christmas, holiday