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Jumping to Conclusions

In another post called Sound Familiar? I compared the arguments for male supremacy with those formerly used for slavery. But now I’d like to compare two religions. I’ll start by making a list of things common to both of them, but if you can’t already tell which ones they are, please don’t jump ahead to find out which two religions this list is about. This list really only scratches the surface, but should be enough to make a point.

  1. A “spiritual seeker” is dismayed by the corruption in existing religions.
  2. He prays for enlightenment to find the true religion.
  3. He experiences one or more visions wherein an angel of God appears.
  4. The angel tells him the other religions are corrupt and he should join none of them.
  5. He is told that he is the only one pure enough in heart to receive the truth and restore it to mankind, and is the last of the chosen prophets.
  6. He is shown plates of gold with God’s own writing on them.
  7. He copies the words from the plates.
  8. He tells others that these words are the true, restored writings of God.
  9. Though there were no reliable witnesses to any of this, he gathers some trusted followers but soon opposition forms.
  10. He and his followers resort to violence, but claim it is always in self-defense.
  11. He receives “new revelation” that reverses some of the least popular teachings among his followers, especially the more influential ones.
  12. Personally, he practices polygamy and denounces his detractors.
  13. In spite of having denounced “denominations” as being proof of corruption, his religion splits into factions, each claiming to be the “true” religion.
  14. The majority of followers claim that only extremists do violence.
  15. Their religion’s leaders claim the right of “progressive revelation”, at the level of either the basic teachings or interpretations.
  16. History is continually and meticulously rewritten to support the religion.

Now before I say what you’ve probably already guessed by now, consider the popular pastime of claiming that all religions worship the same god. After all, similar teachings must indicate a common spiritual truth, right? Shouldn’t these two religions just join together and work out the details later? Or better yet, maybe they could both agree to dispense with whatever differences there are and only keep the common teachings. Or perhaps, like a hostile corporate takeover, one could assimilate the other and then rewrite history again to perpetuate the myth of purity and truth.

Now multiply this scenario by the number of religions in the world and you’ll have some idea of the aim of the global elite in consolidating power through not only industry and politics, but also religion. All of them have some commonality, such as the privileged class, the ostrasizing of wayward peons, and the exclusion of women from places of authority. Sadly, these things are as true of what passes now for Christianity as for any other religion. Money, power, corruption, and control of the masses know no religious bounds.

What are the two religions in the list? Mormonism and Islam.

So shouldn’t we say that they both really teach a spiritual truth? Or instead, shouldn’t we wake up to the fact that since neither is true, then blending them together will not produce truth either? And shouldn’t we take this as a lesson in how gullible people are in swallowing any tale told by a “seer”?

Think about what’s going on in the churches now, online or off. There is a relentless push toward assimilation, which is claimed to be in the interest of peace and unity. But if we learn anything from history, we should never fall for this dialectic process which tries to pass off two wrongs as making a right. Real unity is found in the Spirit and Truth, not in ignoring truth or sacrificing inconvenient facts on the altar of “communitarianism”.

Imagine how easy it will be to blend all the world’s religions by first of all claiming that they all teach “different paths to the same god”. Add a cup of mysticism and a tablespoon of nature worship, mix with socialism and bake in an oven of fear. The result is not going to be the utopia these “cooks” envision, but a monstrosity that devours its creators.

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