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no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Well, if I can be called an Islamophobe, homophobe, or any other phobe just because I disagree with someone’s opinion, then I can call anyone who hates fundies (meaning fundamentalists, for those who have just arrived from another planet) a fundyphobe.

Funny thing though... you can’t get a consensus out of them as to the definition. That is, what exactly are the fundamental (couldn’t resist) characteristics that make this group— evidently lower than suicide bombers, pagans, or traitors— deserving of the prolific and near-universal ire of even the self-described “tolerant”? What are the essentials? After all, if I’m to be called the F word, I have a right to know what that is, and what qualifies anyone to say so. Please explain to me why it’s okay to bash, mock, and otherwise spit upon anyone despicable enough to earn this title, but not for those awful fundies to take even the mildest critical tone when discussing the shortcomings of arguments that reduce the Bible to amusing fiction while far less-attested scraps are paraded around as The Truth.

Now don’t go trying to throw your higher edjamakashun at me or get all indignant over what I must have meant by that last statement. I just want a definition. One that won’t change according to what you ate for breakfast, or who you’re talking to (or about). And if what I just wrote offends you, I declare you unfit to lecture me on this or any other topic.

So how about it? Can anyone supply a consistent, dispassionate, Christ-honoring definition of a fundy so I can know whether I should shout “Unclean!” if I want to post in some “Christian” blog?


Posted 2009-10-15 under , community, behavior, behavior, relationships, hypocrisy, prejudice