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Taking Stock

As another year winds to a close, many people try to look back at what has been, and try to improve on what is to come. Some resolve to stop old habits and others to start new ones.

I’m a practical person, and it seems that after blogging for quite a while now, I feel as though I’m going in circles. I’m running out of ways to talk about a repeating theme: the abysmal state of churchianity today, especially its hierarchies and heresies. So while I have no intention of taking this blog down, I’m not sure I’ll be finding much more to talk about in the coming year.

What I see in the more popular blogs is that a lot of people prefer to keep going over the same ground, whether it’s women in the church, legalism, wolves in sheep’s clothing, or a thousand other things. Nothing is ever solved; no progress is ever made. But there are many more who only read or “lurk”, and we have no idea how many minds have actually been changed, or how many lives have been saved.

But that’s what isn’t happening here, on any significant scale, if the stats chart is any indication. I know, right now isn’t the time to base any judgments on, since the time of “peace on earth” is probably the busiest of the year. ;-) But I feel that my time might be better spent trying to interact more on other blogs, to go where the people are meeting (Acts 16:13).

So talk to me; do you think God is calling me elsewhere? I will say that I intend to continue the podcasting site, and use it as a kind of audio summary of my understanding of scripture, in the order I might follow were I teaching a class for new believers to help them grow to maturity.

Also, if I won’t be blogging anymore, do you think I should re-arrange the site so the archives are easier to navigate?

Posted 2009-12-19 under blog, repetition