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What’s Honor Got to Do With It?

I never cease to be amazed at people’s capacity for twisted thinking and blind devotion to reprehensible traditions. I refer to today’s news article about a Muslim woman who got re-virginized before her wedding.

Talk about things that make you go Huh??!

She wants to honor her family by proving her virginity to her husband-to-be. I don’t know about you, but isn’t there something just a little wrong with sleeping around and then putting a bit of body tissue where something else used to be and calling it virginity? And what could motivate such obviously hypocritical thinking?

The answer brings us to another case of honor-related madness: murdering someone to keep them from shaming you. If anyone found out that this woman wasn’t in fact a virgin, they’d kill her. I say there is no honor in killing one’s own relative just because they were immoral. How many of the killers are immoral? How many of those self-righteous Muslim men are virgins themselves? We’ve seen story after story about devout Muslim men who trained to be martyrs in the name of their religion of peace, but before they blew people up they spent time in brothels or strip clubs. And these people talk about honor!

Such a lopsided view of religion should make Islam nothing but a bad memory, but this same kind of madness is infiltrating the churches. Many want to go back to the dark ages and treat women like property, and teach that only women are supposed to be pure and chaste. It wouldn’t take much for such men to slide down to the level of Islam.

Posted 2007-12-17 under religion, islam, hypocrisy, honor, murder