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I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Last year I wrote about the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, and I think the events of the past year have brought some of the issues into sharper focus. Now more than ever, I would hope that people are waking up to what we are about to lose.

I thank God that I grew up in the America that was, the America that at least partially honored the Constitution and remembered a few facts about our founding and founders. But the next generation will not remember because they will live in a much different country.

They won’t remember fully-stocked grocery stores, plentiful clothing, single-family dwellings, and above all, freedom. We are already losing the right of free speech, a free press, and freedom of conscience. And they won’t remember when people could choose their own career, their own education, or their own car.

But if and when freedom is restored, those who taste it for the first time will understand what had been lost. But I hope that they will do a better job of passing down to succeeding generations what really matters: not simply to spoon-feed their values to them, but to explain what produced those values and why they matter. Flag-waving is all well and good, but without saying why this country was great, we fail to pass along the convictions that they stem from.

So also we fail as Christians to tell our children why we believe instead of only what we believe. And just as political ingratitude is the result of forgetting what formed this country, spiritual ingratitude is the result of forgetting what it took to secure our salvation. To be grateful to God is more than saying thanks, but living a life dedicated in word and deed to pleasing Him.

And that life includes, for me at least, thanking those who come here to talk about things that really matter. You contribute great insights and ask probing questions, and even hang out just to chitchat.

Tanx! :-)

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