Words of a Fether

I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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This Site has excellent examples on correct thinking for the Christian, which will help us understand the blindness and deafness of the unbeliever. But I just want to emphasize a point.

In seeing who is saved and who is not, think of God holding up a mirror to you. What he wants to see is not your own reflection, but His. How much of Jesus do you see in your spiritual ’mirror’? What is the focus of your life? Who is it that comes into view first when you look at that mirror?

Now think of the unbeliever. If he has any spiritual sight at all, he will at least be able to see himself, but never anyone else, never Jesus. He can only see what is reflected back to him, and it will be Self. However, at least he sees himself, and has the potential to see more.

But some are blind. They cannot even see themselves, much less God. Some refuse to open their eyes and try; they will not ask God for vision. We ask them to look at the mirror but they refuse, claiming there is nothing to see, and mocking those who believe there is. It’s like trying to explain color to the blind. We who can see all believe in color, but the blind cannot even imagine it. We can explain all about it till we’re blue in the face, but to no avail; one can only comprehend color if one has vision.

In the same way, it is our job to present the truth, to hold up the mirror and ask people to open their eyes. To those who do we can then explain more, based on what can be seen. But to those who refuse to see, we can only wait for them to allow God to give them vision. To explain spiritual truths to them is like trying to explain color to the blind. We must learn to discern; we must find out whether the lost person we’re talking to has their eyes open or not, before knowing how, or whether, to proceed.

There is a time to explain, and a time to keep silent. Discernment is the art of knowing when to do what. But it is a gift, something only God can give. But he gives freely to all who ask.

Posted 2006-03-01 under behavior, relationships, religion, reflections, ex-atheist, Links