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Blind Bats and Boiled Frogs

There is a familiar illustration for how easily people can be destroyed by gradual change: If you put a frog in a pot of water and very slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will not jump out to save itself because it can’t detect the slow change in temperature. Likewise, people are easily fooled, controlled, or destroyed by gradual assaults rather than blunt frontal attacks.

But what I read today in a news article about “no-go” areas in England where non-Muslims are not allowed to be, it occurred to me that not only are we all in some very hot water right now, but people are also blind as bats to the history and tactics of Islam.

Does anybody remember the riots in France? How about the muslim taxi drivers who refuse to carry people with service animals? Or the high schools where muslims get their own washrooms and interrupt the school day with non-voluntary (to the muslims) prayers? Or the minarets blasting calls to muslim prayer in Michigan which violate public nuisance laws but continue nonetheless? Does a day go by where there isn’t news of a beheading, an “honor killing”, a riot where muslim men shout murderous threats to entire nations?

Wake up, people! Open your eyes. Islam is no “religion of peace”, but a treaty-breaking, hate preaching, aggressive, militaristic, repressive Big Brother. You haven’t seen political correctness till you know how life really is for people in islamic-controlled countries. Under such systems you can kiss freedom, music, love, peace, and pretty much everything else goodbye. And if you just sit there in the boiling water and do nothing to object or repel this evil juggernaut, you are voting in favor of this religion of hate.

Act or boil.

Posted 2008-01-06 under Bible, religion, islam, world