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Coffins and Coffers: Hollyweird's Obsession with Jesus


1-- A set of coffins with common names inscribed on them and some bones inside is all you need to prove you found Jesus' grave.

2-- The people who had Jesus crucified didn't look for his alleged stolen body and smash Christianity before it started, but we found it after 2000 years. It was of course given much better care than the scriptures.

3-- If some Christians don't believe in a literal, physical resurrection, why should we?

Some observations:

1-- It's amazing how little evidence is required to debunk Christianity, but how enough is never enough to support it. The critics are showing their bias loud and clear. And Jesus was the son of a poor carpenter, not anyone who could afford expensive coffins for an entire family. DNA testing? Was it even done, and when, and by whom, and why aren't the archaeologists who discovered it decades ago claiming the honor and fame, instead of leaving it to this story teller?

2-- Theories on the "hidden body" scenario are nothing new. The fact is that the Jews were highly motivated to find any evidence of trickery, and yet they never went beyond making up the story; they never sent out search parties. Absolutely no effort was made to find the body-- something the skeptics would jump on if they were trying to prove the opposite. Funny how the skeptics start using the Bible as reliable evidence when it suits them.

3-- This also shows the deadliness of compromise among believers, that they would call Jesus' ascension "spiritual". It is the fruit of centuries of doubting the scriptures and not believing the only eyewitnesses to the events. They are traitors to the faith and to God, and will be held accountable.

Like all other such nonsense, the latest effort at revisionist history will fail to change anyone's mind. We live in a world where proven hoaxes are still being printed in college-level textbooks, where "reality" shows are fake, where bad is good and up is down. This is nothing new, just another way for the rich to get richer and the dumb to get dumber.

Posted 2007-02-01 under Bible, Jesus, Gnosticism