Words of a Fether

I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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De 29:20 Jos. 24:19 2Ki 24:4
2Ch 7:14 Ps 32:5, 51:4 Jer. 36:3
Mt 6:14-15, 9:6, 18:15-17, 35 Mr. 2:7 Lu 17:3-4
Joh 20:23 Col 3:13 1Jo 1:9
Heb 9:22    
Unconditional forgiveness is an almost universally accepted teaching in churches today. To even question this idea is considered evidence of a bad attitude toward another person. But a study of the verses above will show that there are conditions required for forgiveness.

Since ALL sin is against God alone, only God can forgive sin. And his conditions for forgiveness are repentance from the heart and submission to his will (which, of course, starts with accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior). But what of the commands for people to forgive each other? God is our example: if the one who offended us repents and confesses his sin, we must forgive him. But our “forgiveness” is simply a decision to completely forget the sin done against us; as already mentioned, only God can truly forgive.

Posted 2002-01-01 under faith, forgiveness, relationships, behavior, relationships