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Here are some excerpts from Alains Newsletter exposing the true nature of today's so-called Tolerance.

The more sincere purveyors of these ideas aim to engender tolerance and civilized behavior, noble ambitions both. But if all values are equal, how can tolerance be better than intolerance? How can civility be better than barbarity? How can peaceful resolution be morally superior to violent action? The truth is that moral relativism and all the various expressions of it (i.e., multiculturalism, religious equivalency) are mere philoso-babble. They are products of emotion and a desire to buttress agendas, not that of credible intellectual inquiry. They are philosophies that collapse upon themselves under their own very, very modest weight. In the name of the principle of tolerance, we embrace the notion that principles don’t matter. What the professor was guilty of is akin to a physician observing all the symptoms of a certain cancer and saying that he won’t test for such disease because it’s not fashionable to do so. And, “an inquiry along these lines is hardly necessary, since a wide range of alternative explanations is on offer”? This reminds me of an old joke about a man who was informed by his dentist: “I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that you need to have two teeth pulled. The good news is that you can choose any two you want.” Professor, you’re guilty of academic malpractice.

But more significantly, dangerously and ominously, we have been trained to cast the discerning eye only inwards, never outwards. We have been cowed into believing that any recognition of unpleasant truths involving a culture or religion not our own is to descend into bigotry. Thus, like the three monkeys, we hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. That is, unless that evil can be ascribed to the one group where casting blame gratuitously harms our cause, and that group is us. Otherwise, we often walk where angels fear to tread, blind as we are to the differences between Hell and hallowed ground.

The United States in the third millennium stands at a precipice, with the constant accommodation of foreign cultures and faiths driving her culture steadily toward extinction. Should we allow Islam or other incongruous forces to make further inroads into our nation? We’ll never know if we remain the truly blind, namely, those who will not see. We’ll never know if we’re experiencing an age of enlightenment, or trading the promised land for peace in our time.

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