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Fact, Fiction, and Propaganda

This Link is to a long article, but length is necessary to be thorough. Basically it shows without a doubt the following facts:

  1. The author, Dan Brown, doesn’t view his work as fiction, but as fact that has been covered up.
  2. The DaVinci Code (DVC) purports to be based upon historical fact but is not.
  3. Virtually every claim made by Brown concerning DVC is proven false.
  4. Every claim Brown makes in DVC against the Bible is proven false.
  5. DVC is nothing new, but only a collection of ancient Gnostic heresies.
Brown clearly has a mission: to prove the Bible false and Gnosticism true. This is not mere entertainment to him, but proselytism. He intends to shape public opinion and remove the one thing Christianity has always appealed to for legitimacy: the Bible.

I write about this for two reasons: the ignorant and naive will believe these lies and need to know the other side of the story, and even if Brown didn’t believe DVC were true it would still be taken as fact by many people.

Some in the church think it’s a waste of time to speak out against things like DVC, but I disagree. Anytime the Bible is attacked, we who know the historical facts need to speak up. Isn’t that what “salt and light” does? As Jesus said, what good is bland salt, or a light hidden under a bowl? We are to speak out against all evil, all the time. Apologetics is not just an internal exercise; its purpose is to make us “ready to give an answer”. And I must point out that this answer “for the hope that we have” is much more than simply relating our personal testimony of salvation. We have the examples of Jesus and the early apostles, who “vigorously refuted” their opponents publicly, and the command to “earnestly contend for the faith”.

I’ve seen Gnostic heresy weaving its way into the church recently. Believers in message boards, in an effort to befriend the lost, will go so far as to seriously consider their heresies and be led astray. I’ve seen it happen over and over. They are fooled by Gnostic interpretations, then shown alleged evidence for the Gnostics’ so-called gospels, then led to doubt the scriptures. Can we sit back and watch this happen? Can the shepherds rest while the sheep are being slaughtered? We may not be able to force the naive believers to listen to us, but woe to us if we don’t even try. Our job is to present the truth; what people do with it is their responsibility.

For further documentation and discussion, please see This Website.

Posted 2006-05-01 under Bible, religion, Gnosticism, apologetics, fact, fiction, propaganda, DaVinci code