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The Bible and Medicine

Along with that we have the issue of diet. Some claim that since Adam and Eve were fruitarians that we must all adopt that diet. But God gave expressed permission to eat meat to Noah after the Flood, prescribed to Moses laws on what meats, vegetables and grains were acceptable for the Jewish people, and, through Jesus and Paul in the NT, made it clear that what we eat or drink is strictly a matter of personal conviction, not a commandment or mandate from God. And we also see the importance of proper farming to produce high quality food, including crop rotation and letting the soil ’rest’.

But today there is an increase in so-called ’alternative’ medicine, much of which is based upon traditional folk remedies going back thousands of years. Now, even mainstream or ’allopathic’ medicine is getting into the practice of ancient treatments such as acupuncture, reflexology, and meditation techniques like yoga or one of its many offshoots. These treatments may or may not work, just as mainstream medicine, but is there any spiritual danger in these practices? Let’s take a closer look.

Underlying many alternative practices is the concept of meridians or channels of energy known as chi or ki. You can read about the details at This Link. While there may indeed be scientific reasons for this concept’s success, nothing can be scientifically proven. Nerve impulses are a scientific fact, but not chi or meridians or channels of any kind. Along with very questionable scientific backing, this concept is rooted in the occult. Meridians are part of the “elemental forces” religious philosophy, which could be alluded to in Colossians 2:8 (see also 2:16-23) and come from the ancient Babylonian religions.

At This Link we read of the hidden agenda of the new age through alternative health. Here’s a good quote from that article:

Just because a practice is Occultic does not mean it has no power or will not work; it can bring results. But because it works does not always mean it is beneficial.To participate in any of these to greater or lesser decrees is dangerous and can bring deception and oppression. All this psychic and occult healing is done in the name of whatever god one believes in (usually one of forces). Spirits (demonic) when involved can masquerade as agents of healing and health for the purpose of diverting our attention from the Lord who is the great physician. Unfortunately the people practicing the occult arts are disciples of deceit deceiving others, hopefully not you.
You can see there a long list of popular medical techniques that are all rooted in occult philosophy and deliberately concealed for western consumption. Don’t be fooled, even if it comes from a mainstream doctor. They aren’t even aware of the hidden dangers and don’t care why or how a treatment gets results, which people demand regardless of what it may cost them. Remember that God is more concerned with your character than your comfort. We all want good physical health, but don’t crave it at the expense of the health of your soul.

Note: You think Christians don’t know what we’re talking about? Read this testimony from the author of the articles I linked to and you’ll see that we weren’t all born yesterday, we didn’t all grow up in “church”, and we do know what we’re talking about.

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